“Crazy like a fool” and “Take The Heat Off Me”

Boney M 1976In early 1976 the line-up was complete. Maizie Williams, Bobby Farrell, Marcia Barrett and Liz Mitchell were literally put together – none of them knowing that huge success was just around the corner.

Maizie was the first member to be recruited for the group – as early as in 1975. At one point it seemed as if the final formation already had been found. Maizie was together with Marcia, Bobby and Claudja Barry promoting Farian’s “Baby Do you Wanna Bump”. However before the group hit the recording studio Claudja Barry left the group to start a solo career which mainly gained her success in Canada.

Maizie, Marcia and Bobby went on as a three-piece line-up to promote “Baby Do You Wanna Bump” before Liz was asked to join in because of Claudja Barry’s departure. Together they went on promoting “Baby Do You Wanna Bump” and the final line-up was born.

However Farian had already the next steps planned now he had found the line-up he had been looking for. Soon the group would enter the recording studio to record their first album which would be entitled “Take The Heat Off Me” and released in June.

“Daddy Cool” would be the first single to be lifted from the debut album backed with “No Women No Cry”.Boney M 1976_2

In some countries such as e.g. U.S.A, Canada and Japan “Daddy Cool” was backed with “Lovin’ Or Leavin'” instead. Probably one of the best tracks on the album. “Daddy Cool” was released in Germany on 31st May.

“Daddy Cool/No Women No Cry” had a slow start in the German single chart. It entered no. 1 three and a half month after it was released – on 13th September. It stayed at no. 1 for a week when it was knocked of the no. 1 spot by ABBA’s “Dancing Queen”.

However “Dancing Queen” would after one week only be knocked off the no. 1 spot by “Daddy Cool”. According to Boney M.’s record company the returning to the no. 1 spot was mainly caused by Boney M.’s appearance in Musikladen. Musikladen could be described as the German answer to the English show Top Of The Pop from BBC.

Boney M 1976 PanterThe single started to sell 100.000 copies a week in Germany and in its second run at the top spot it stayed there for nine weeks in a row.

Then the single was knocked off the top spot by David Dundas’ “Jeans On”. After one week “Daddy Cool” would however enter the no. 1 sport once again for the third time. It stayed there for one week and was knocked off by ABBA’s “Money Money Money”.

All together “Daddy Cool” stayed 34 weeks in the German single chart. 22 weeks in the top 10 and 12 weeks at the no. 1 spot and achieved gold status and became the 17th best selling single of the year in Germany!

After having a slow start – when looking at the sale figures – the album “Take The Heat Off Me”  started to sell in Germany after “Daddy Cool” hit the big time. The album went on to become a Top 10 success reaching no. 2 in the German album chart.  It stayed in the top 10 for 24 weeks and had a total run of 56 weeks in the chart.

It wasn’t only in Germany things started to happen. In many other European countries “Daddy Cool” would become a huge smash hit as well. In some countries “Daddy Cool” would first hit the charts in early 1977.

Boney M 1976_3Denmark was one of the first European countries where “Daddy Cool” became a smash hit after Germany. “Daddy Cool” went gold in Denmark – selling 80.000 copies – and the album “Take The Heat Off Me” was also an instant success reaching the Top 20 position in the year end chart of 1976.

In November “Sunny” was issued as a single backed with the non-album track “New York City”.

“Sunny” also turned out to be another smash hit for Boney M. It reached the no. 1 position in the German single chart in early 1977 and just like “Daddy Cool” it went on to become a world-wide hit for Boney M.

Boney M. had by the end of 1976 become a very successful act, but no one knew that 1977 would turn out to become even more successful for the group.

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