“Boonoonoonoos – A new sound”

Boney M 1981 Jamaica 11981 is among most fans regarded as the year where the most interesting and the best Boney M. album of their complete career was released.

The music taste among the record buying public had changed and the popularity of disco faded in late 1979/early 1980. It was therefore clear to the group that it had to come up with something new. And the group suddenly did with a very interesting album called “Boonoonoonoos”. However “Boonoonoonoos” would not be the only LP release of the year. Around Christmas time the group released their “Christmas Album” – which probably is one of the best Christmas albums ever recorded.

The year started with “Felicidad” being in many single charts around Europe and staying in the German Top 20 for 14 weeks.

In the end of June the their new single “Malaika/Consuela Biaz” entered the German single chart at no. 31. It rose to no. 13 for 2 weeks in July before leaving the chart after 16 weeks on 5th October. “Malaika” was sung in Swahili while “Consuela Biaz” by many is regarded as one of the groups best ballads. It was once again a double A-side single. “Malaika” was performed on the German TV show DISCO while “Consuela Biaz” was performed on Musikladen where it had its TV-premiere on 4th June. The single spent 8 weeks in the Top 20.Boney M 1981 Show Express

In August the group went to Jamaica to give a couple of benefit concerts, record a TV-special and do photo sessions for the forth coming album.

The “Boonoonoonoos” album was released in the fall of the year and went to no. 15 in the German album chart. “Boonoonoonoos” entered the chart on 16th November at no. 59 while jumping to its highest position the following week (no. 15). It stayed in the chart for 18 weeks and left the chart on 8th March 1982 at no. 63, but returned 2 weeks later at no. 52 for 1 week. The album shows Boney M. from a new point of view with a new sound that turns out to be very popular among the fans. Eventhough the LP sold fewer copies compared to the earlier LP releases the LP can be described as a hit almost everywhere in Europe except from England where it didn’t make the chart. In Denmark the LP is yet another hit for the group and turns out to be the 8th best selling LP in the year end chart.

Second single release from the “Boonoonoonoos” album was “We Kill The World (Don’t Kill The World) /Boonoonoonoos”. The single entered the German Top 50 on 2nd November at no. 43. Then raising to no. 20 and 12 the following 2 weeks. “We Kill The World” stayed in the Top 20 for six weeks and returned for one week to the Top 20 once again (no. 16) on 24th December. It had a total run of 19 weeks on the German single chart and left the chart on 8th March 1982 at no. 65. In England the single entered the Top 40 in the first week of December going to no. 39.

“We Kill The World (Don’t Kill The World)” was doing well many places but because of problems inside the group with Bobby Farrell, Boney M. wasn’t able to promote the single and the new album strong enough. Had they been able to promote the single it would probably had been doing better in England. In South Africa however the single was turning out to be a real smash hit and would turn out to be one of the best selling singles in S.A. in 1982. The “Boonoonoonoos” album was also extremely popular in S.A

Boney M 1981 Jamaica BOn 12th December the “Boonoonoonoos” TV-Special “Boney M. – Ein Sound Geht Um Die Welt” was aired in Germany.

Around one month after the release of “Boonoonoonoos” the “Christmas Album” was released. The first single taken form the album was “Little Drummer Boy. “Little Drummer Boy” was backed with a medley of Boney M. hits called “6 Years Of Boney M. Hits (Boney M. On 45)”.

“Little Drummer Boy/6 Years Of Boney M. Hits” went to no. 20 in the German single chart the frist week of 1982 – just two weeks after “We Kill The World (Don’t Kill The World)” had left the Top 20 for the second time.Boney M 1981 We Kill The World

In various countries the “Christmas Album” would first be released at Christmas time in 1982. The album turned out to be a very successful record of the season and also became a true hit in Canada.

Boney M. went for their typical swing-along beat and an outstanding danceable Christmas album was made.

Two years after its release the album had gained the group 6 platinum and 15 gold records around the world. A figure that tells about the group’s popularity.

Boney M 1981 Malaika