“A new group…”

Boney M 1982 Christmas1982 could surely be described as a quiet year compared to the period 1975 – 1981. After a troubled period with Bobby, Frank Farian decided to fire him in late 1981. According to many sources it was because of Bobby’s unfortunate behaviour inside the group.

Farian found a replacement for Bobby through the Hansa department in London. The new male member of Boney M. was called Reggie Tsiboe and was a singer from Ghana.

One of the differences between Bobby and Reggie was that Reggie was a multitalented singer/songwriter. He would therefore also be a part of the recording team. Even though Frank Farian now had found a very talented singer, who was used on many recordings between 1982 – 1985, Frank Farian also decided to keep on using his own vocals on several recordings.

One of the first singles of 1982 was a re-packing of the Christmas single “Little Drummer Boy/6 Years Of Boney M. Hits”, where “6 Years Of Boney M. Hits” was turned into the A-side. In Japan “6 Years Of Boney M. Hits” was released with “Sad Movies” as B-side.Boney M 1982 Garden

”The Carnival Is Over/Going Back West” was the only new single consisting of new material in 1982.

Reggie Tsiboe was introduced to the public when the single was released. It took place in the German TV show ”Na Sowas” on 28th June where ”The Carnival Is Over” was performed as well as a part of ”Going Back West”. It was again a world-wide single release, but it didn’t chart the same way that the earlier singles did.

Boney M 1982 PromoThe single went to no. 41 in Germany. The lowest charting Boney M. single since 1976. It should however be mentioned that the single stayed in the German single charts for 14 weeks. In Switzerland the single peaked at no. 11.

There was surely no doubt about that Reggie Tsiboe was the right replacement for Bobby Farrell. The group had matured during the past two years and Reggie’s personality seemed right for this change. Reggie was not trying to copy Bobby in any way, and it was easy to see that Reggie had a lot to offer.

Even though there only was released one single with new material that year, Boney M. was still around. In South Africa ”We Kill The World (Don’t Kill The World)” was a huge single-hit and Boney M. a top act of 1982.

1982 was also the year where re-releases and many of the various ”Greatest Hits” albums started to be released. In Germany ”Rivers Of Boney M 1982Babylon/Sunny” and ”Ma Baker/Baby Do You Wanna Bump” were released as singles. In Spain a double album consisting of ”Nightflight To Venus” and ”Oceans Of Fantasy” called ”23 Ultimos Exitos” was released. Because of the huge success in South Africa a double album called ”The Very Best Of Boney M. (24 Fantastic Hits)” was released. France saw the release of a compilation called ”14 Chansons” while the ”Christmas Album” from 1981 finally was released as ”Christmas With Boney M.” in South Africa.

In late 1982 it was decided to lift another single from the ”Christmas Album” from 1981. In Germany ”Zion’s Daughter/White Christmas” was released as a single while ”Feliz Navidad/White Christmas” was released as a single in Scandinavia. The group promoted both realeases on TV in various countries.

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