“10.000 Lightyears – A new adventure…”

Boney M 1984 Promo reWith “Boonoonoonoos” and “The Christmas Album” being the latest album releases by Boney M. almost two and a half year ago, 1984 would see the release of Boney M.’s seventh studio album “Ten Thousand Lightyears”.

“Ten Thousand Lightyears” was originally intended for release in the fall of 1983, but would first end up being released in May 1984.

The album has a space-adventure team like the groups third album “Nightflight To Venus”.

In April when Frank Farian was working on the final production of the new album, Boney M. went to Sun City in South Africa to play 10 very successful live concerts at the Sun City Super Bowl. All shows were sold out. During the shows several tracks from the forthcoming album “Ten Thousand Lightyears” would be performed for the very first time. The first of the ten live concerts took place on April 13th. Two of the live shows were recorded and turned into the TV-special “Boney M. Live At The Sun City Super Bowl”.

1984 would be a very successful year for Boney M. in South Africa. Due to Boney M.’s visit a double compilation was released called “The Boney M. Gold Collection” which went gold.Boney M 1984 KDL re

The first – and only – single to be lifted from “Ten Thousand Lightyears” was “Somewhere In The World/Exodus (Noah’s Ark 2001)”. The single was released in May at the same as the album.

“Somewhere In The Wolrd/Exodus (Noah’s Ark 2001)” only reached no. 49 in the German single chart. The single stayed for a total of 5 weeks in the chart. The album “Ten Thousand Lightyears” went to no. 23 in the German LP chart and was certified gold.

“The Christmas Album” from 1981 had been a world-wide success and after the release of “The Thousand Lightyears” it was decided to record a few new Christmas songs for a reworked Christmas compilation. During the recording sessions “O Christmas Tree”, “Joy To The World”, “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”, “The First Noël”, “Hark The Herald Angels Sing” and “Auld Lang Syne” were recorded together with “Mother And Child Reunion”. They would all end up on the South African album “New Christmas With Boney M.” released in November 1984. The ’84 recorded Christmas songs would first see a world-wide release in 1986 as a part of the Christmas compilation “The 20 Greatest Christmas Songs Of The World”.

Boney M 1984 Promotion reDuring the same time of the recordings of the new Christmas songs Frank Farian heard and got the idea to record a cover of Tony Esposito’s “Kalimba De Luna”.

Because of the disappointing chart achievements with “Somewhere In The World/Exodus” and the album “Ten Thousand Lightyears” it was decided to lift no further singles from the album despite that “I Feel Good”, “Living Like A Moviestar” and “Barbarella Fortuneteller” all had been mentioned as possible singles. Instead it was decided to release “Kalimba De Luna” backed with “Ten Thousand Lightyears”.

“Kalimba De Luna“ was released as a single in August that year and returned Boney M. to the charts. In Germany the new single was premiered on the TV-show “Musikladen”. “Kalimba De Luna” returned Boney M. to the Top 20 in Germany, where it reached no. 16. It had a run of 23 weeks in the German single chart. In Belgium it went to no. 15 and in Holland it went to no. 27. In France it returned Boney M. to the top 10 where it reached no. 6 and stayed in the charts for 21 weeks.

At the same time of the release of “Kalimba De Luna”, Boney M. went on a promotional visit to India to do promotion for their upcoming live tour in November. They performed on a several TV-shows as well. On the 31st of October Boney M. were ready to leave for their live concerts in India a few days later. Unfortunately the visit and the live shows had to be canceled because of the assassination of India’s Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.Boney M 1984 TV re

A cover of Baby’s Gang “Happy Song” was recorded as the follow up to “Kalimba De Luna”. Bobby Farrell was invited back as a guest performer on “Happy Song”. “Happy Song” would return Boney M. to the Top 10 in Germany where it reached no. 7. It had a 3 weeks run in the Top 10 and it had a total run of 17 weeks in the chart. In Belgium it went to no. 29.

Due to the success of “Kalimba De Luna” it was decided to release a new compilation called “Kalimba De Luna – 16 Happy Songs With Boney M.”. The album would contain “Kalimba De Luna” as a maxi-version and the newly released single “Happy Song” as a maxi-version as well, together with Boney M. material from 1981 – 1984 with the exception of one track from 1979.

Boney M 1984 Somewhere