“Eye Dance – The last studio album”

Boney M1985 Eye DanceWith “Happy Song” being in the Top 10 for three weeks in early 1985 Boney M. had a promising start on 1985. The year that also would celebrate the 10th anniversary of Boney M.

“My Chérie Amour” would be the first new single of 1985. It was released in May and had its premiere on 9th May on the German TV-show “Show + Co. mit Carlo” on ZDF.

Unfortunately “My Chérie Amour” would not match the success of the previous singles. In Germany it only went to no. 55 and stayed in the single chart for 5 weeks. Despite being promoted on several TV-shows across Europe the single didn’t become a success.

After releasing “My Chérie Amour” as a single the work for the upcoming new album “Eye Dance” continued in the studio.BoneyM 1985 MCA

The next single to be released from the “Eye Dance” sessions was “Young, Free & Single”. It was released in September 1985 and was credited to Boney M. feat. Bobby Farrell. The single was released with a cover not showing a photo of the group, neither on the front or the back. Not even an advertisement for the new album to be released the following month in October. The single only fared a little better than the previous release and despite many TV-performances it only reached no. 48 in the German single-chart where it had a 6 weeks run.

In October Boney M.’s eight and final studio album “Eye Dance” was released. On the front cover the album was credited to “Boney M.” while it on the back cover was credited to “Boney M. featuring Bobby Farrell”.

Boney M 1985 YFASIt was the first album not to include a photo of the group on the front cover. Instead the cover showed a drawing of an eye and 2 people dancing. On the back of the album cover there also wasn’t a group photo. Instead there were 5 individual shots of each member. The photos of Maizie, Liz, Marcia and Reggie were taken at the same photo session, while it was easy to see that the photo of Bobby was from a solo session of his.

The new album “Eye Dance” didn’t go anywhere when it came to the success of the previous albums.

In October Boney M. attended the RTL Goldene Löwe awards (Golden Lion awards) where the group was awarded the Ehrenlöwen for special achievement. The group was introduced and Liz, Marcia, Maizie, Reggie, Bobby and Frank all entered the stage to accept the award. After the presentation of the award and a little interview Frank left the stage and Liz, Marcia, Maizie, Reggie and Bobby performed a medley of hits (“Brown Girl In The Ring”, “Rivers Of Babylon”, “Sunny”, “Daddy Cool”, “Painter Man”, “Rasputin”, “Ma Baker”, “Belfast”, “Kalimba De Luna” and “Happy Song”). After the medley they performed their new single “Young, Free & Single”. Boney M 19854 Goldene Lowe

1985 marked the 10th anniversary of Boney M. with “Baby Do You Wanna Bump” being released in 1975. However, it would be 1986 that officially marked the 10th anniversary of Boney M. because of the release of “Daddy Cool” in 1976. The preparation for the anniversary began in late 1985 with Frank Farian working on the compilation “The Best Of 10 Years – 32 Super Hits”. At the same time Boney M. started on recording a TV-special in Austria to celebrate the anniversary.