“All Time Best” CD  (25th December 2012)

A new compilation called “All Time Best (Reclam Musik Edition)” is set for release on 1st March 2013 by Sony Music.

No tracking-list is available yet, but one wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a rerelease of “The Magic Of Boney M.” from 2006.

Anyway, let’s hope for the best…


 “In Concert” on DVD and CD  (10th December 2012)

According to several sites on the internet the Immortal label will release the TV-show “Fantastic Boney M.” from 1979 on DVD as well as an audio CD. It will be 2 separate releases.

They are set for release on 10th January 2013.

The “Fantastic Boney M.” show from 1979 has already been released as a part of the “Complete Boney M.” box-set.

Another release of this show seems a bit odd. It’s the kind of show that Sony Music and Farian should have decided to keep in their archive.

Also calling it “In Concert” seems quite wrong, as it was a playback show/special recorded for ZDF to promote their new album “Oceans Of Fantasy” at the time.

This release will just convince even more people that Boney M. wasn’t a live-act and didn’t sing live. We, the fans, of course know that Boney M. was a real colorful live-act and surely sang completely live during their concerts.

A real live concert would have been preferred instead of this release. Sony Music or Farian surely must have some hidden recordings in their archives. They found the Vienna concert from 1st November 1977 (released as “Live in Hamburg”) and we would like some more of that kind, please.


 2 in 1 “2 Original Album-Klassiker”  (9th December 2012)

Set for release on 11th January 2013. Released by Sony Music Germany.

Boney M 2012 2in1


New Boney M. CD “Classics” (12th September 2012)

Boney M 2012 Classics

Set for release on 5th October 2012. Released by Sony Music Finland.

1. Daddy Cool/2. Rivers Of Babylon/3. Rasputin/4. Sunny/5. Ma Baker/6. Gotta Go Home/7. No Women No Cry/8. El Lute/9. Have You Ever Seen The Rain?/10. Malaika/11. Heart Of Gold/12. Motherless Child/13. Dreadlock Holiday/14. Exodus/15. Dizzy


Different Covers for “The Essential”  (25th August 2012)

Has “The Essential” been given a new cover?

Boney M 2012 Essential Alternate CoverBoney M 2012 The Essential


New Boney M. CD “The Best Of Boney M. (Krone Edition)” (19th August 2012)

Released by Sony Music (Austria) on 31st August. A re-release of “The Magic Of Boney M.” from 2006.

Boney M 2012 The Best Of Krone Edition


Frisco Disco & Boney M. “Ma Baker” (14th August 2012)

Set for release on 17th August 2012.

Boney M 2012 FriscoDisco



 “The Essential” New Double-CD (31st July 2012)

New Boney M. compilation set for release on 12th October 2012.

CD 1:

1 Baby Do You Wanna Bump (Single Version – Part 1) 3:42/2 Daddy Cool 03:26/3 Sunny 04:01/4 No Woman No Cry – (Album Version) 04:20/5 Ma Baker 04:34/6 Belfast 03:29/7 Rivers Of Babylon 04:18/8 Brown Girl In The Ring 04:00/9 Rasputin 04:25/10 Mary’s Boy Child – Oh My Lord 04:01/11 Painter Man 03:10/12 Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi-Holiday 03:55/13 Gotta Go Home 02:30/14 El Lute 03:58/15 I’m Born Again – (Single Version) 04:17/16 Bahama Mama 03:16/17 I See A Boat On The River – (7″ Version) 04:40/18 My Friend Jack 04:29/19 Children Of Paradise 04:28

CD 2:

1 Felicidad (Margherita) – (7″ Version) 04:35/2 Gadda-Da-Vida – (Single Version) 05:05/3 Malaika 03:27/4 We Kill The World (Don’t Kill The World) 06:28/5 Going Back West 04:15/6 Jambo – Hakuna Matata (No Problems) 03:39/7 Somewhere In The World 04:26/8 Kalimba De Luna – (7″ Version) 04:32/9 Happy Song 03:56/10 My Chérie Amour 04:04/11 Young, Free And Single 04:18/12 Stories – (Radio Mix) 04:16/13 Megamix – (Extended Version) 07:02/14 Brown Girl In The Ring – (Radio Version/ Remix ’93) 03:58/15 Ma Baker – (Boney M. vs. Sash! – Extended Radio Edit) 04:54/16 Daddy Cool ’99 – (Radio Edit) 03:51/17 Barbra Streisand (The Most Wanted Woman) – (Radio Mix) 03:11


 “Best Of Boney M.” New CD (31st July 2012)

New Boney M. compilation set for release on 24th August 2012.

Boney M 2012 Best Of

1 Baby Do You Wanna Bump (Album Version) 06:53/2 Daddy Cool 03:26/3 Sunny 04:01/4 Ma Baker 04:34/5 Belfast 03:29/6 Rivers Of Babylon 04:18/7 Rasputin (Album Version) 05:51/8 Mary’s Boy Child – Oh My Lord (Single Version) 05:43/9 Gotta Go Home 03:45/10 El Lute 05:53/11 Calendar Song (January, February, March…) (02:37)/12 I See A Boat On The River (04:40)/13 Bahama Mama (03:16)/14 Felicidad (Margherita) (04:39)/15 Kalimba De Luna (07:18)/16 Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi- Holiday (3:55)/17 Barbra Streisand vs. Marilyn Monroe (3:11)


“The Christmas Mix – All The Hits!” (31st July 2012)

Boney M 2012 The Christmas Mix

“The Christmas Mix – All The Hits!” set to be released again on 28th September 2012.

1 Christmas Medley (06:25)/2 White Christmas (03:21)/3 Joy To The World (02:32)/4 Jingle Bells (02:53)/5 Mary’s Boy Child – Oh My Lord (03:41)/6 Petit Papa Noël (01:41)/7 Zion’s Daughter (03:50)/8 When A Child Is Born 03:19)/9 I’ll Be Home For Christmas (03:43)/10 Feliz Navidad (03:07)/11 Little Drummer Boy (04:21)/12 Oh Come All Ye Faithful (03:41)/13 Auld Lang Syne (02:34)/14 Christmas Medley (07:51)/15 Boney M. On 45 (Hit-Mix) (04:47)


Das War Kult! Platte Küche – 3 DVD’s  (27th July 2012)

Featuring Boney M. with “Nightflight To Venus” and other artists from the seventies.

Boney M 2012 Platten Kuche

Released on August 3rd 2012.


Premiere of Boney M. Documentary  (22nd March 2012)

“Boney M. Aus Lämmerspiel”

We have received the following message from Nestfilm:

Dear Boney M. Fans,

finally, we finished the documentary about Boney M., where Liz. Marcia, Maizie and Bobby will be featured. And where we looked about the shoulder of Frank farian, producing his Musical “Daddy Cool” in 2004-2007.

And where we visit Liz on her Germany-tour.

The film will have its premiere on the “Lichter-Filmtage” in Frankfurt/Germany.

It will be played on Wednesday, the 28. of March in the cinema “Cinestar-Metropolis” at 8 pm. After the screening, there will be a little party at the festivalcafé.

Unfortenately, the film will be in german language, so far.

BoneyM 2012 Aus Lammerspiel


“Best Of Disco” Cover (6th March 2012)

The timings have changed for “Gotta Go Home” and “Felicidad”. Unfortunately there still seems to be edits included.

Boney M 2012 Best Of Disco

  • 01.
    Boney M. – Daddy Cool 03:26
    Boney M. – Sunny 03:56
    Boney M. – Ma Baker 04:03
    Boney M. – Belfast 03:29
    Boney M. – Rivers Of Babylon 04:15
    Boney M. – Rasputin 04:25
    Boney M. – Hooray! Hooray! It’ s A Holi-Holiday 03:55
    Boney M. – Bahama Mama 03:16
    Boney M. – Malaika 03:27
    Boney M. – Brown Girl In The Ring 04:00
    Boney M. – Mary’s Boy Child / Oh My Lord 04:01
    Boney M. – El Lute 03:58
    Boney M. – Gotta Go Home 03:45
    Boney M. – Felicidad (Margherita) – (7″ Version) 04:35


  “Best Of Disco” Tracking-List  (23rd Februar 2012)

“Best Of Disco” released on 23rd March 2012.

Once again a compilation by Sony Music with edits, showing that they aren’t interested in their own releases at all.

When will they learn to compile a satisfying Boney M. compilation on their own?

1   Daddy Cool 3 Min. 26 Sek.
2   Sunny 3 Min. 56 Sek.
3   Ma Baker 4 Min. 3 Sek.
4   Belfast 3 Min. 25 Sek.
5   Rivers Of Babylon 4 Min. 15 Sek.
6   Rasputin 4 Min. 25 Sek.
7   Hooray! Hooray! It’ s A Holi-Holiday 3 Min. 55 Sek.
8   Bahama Mama – Single Version 3 Min. 35 Sek.
9   Malaika – Original Version 5 Min. 2 Sek.
10   Brown Girl In The Ring 4 Min. 0 Sek.
11   Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord 5 Min. 9 Sek.
12   El Lute 3 Min. 58 Sek.
13   Gotta Go Home 2 Min. 30 Sek.
14   Felicidad (Margherita) 2 Min. 50 Sek.



 Neue Oldies Braucht Das Land Vol. 5: “Hits & Raritäteten Aus Der Disco” (11th Februar 2012)

A new double compilation called “Neue Hits Braucht Das Land – Vol. 5 – Hits & Raritäten Aus Der Disco” has been released on 10th February 2012.

It’s including several Boney M. related tracks, such as Precious Wilson “I Don’t Know” (Album version), Gilla “Ich Brenne”, Eruption “Runaway” (Long version) and Chris Denning “Jamaica Farewell”.

Also including Boney M. with “A Woman Can Change A Man”.

You’ll however find one more track on the CD than stated on the cover. An instrumental version of “Rasputin” with Boney M. has been included as a hidden track.

The CD has been compiled by Frank Eberlein and released by Sony Music.

Boney M 2012 Neue Hits Vol5

 Disc: 1
1. The Best Disco In Town – Ritchie Family, The
2. Devil Eyes – Mclean, Penny
3. Don’t Come Back – Straker Band, Nick
4. I Don’t Know – Long Album Version – Wilson, Precious 
5. Ein Mann Wie Du (Lay Love On You) – Fernandez, Luisa
6. Going Through The Motions – Hot Chocolate
7. Rio – Maywood
8. Zanzibar – Arabesque
9. The Eve Of The War – Disco Remix – Wayne, Jeff / Hayward, Justin
10. I Feel So Good (Ich Bin Wie Du) – Rosenberg, Marianne
11. Lost In Music – 2006 Remastered Single Edit – Sister Sledge
12. Tonight – Kool & The Gang
13. Radio – A La Carte
14. Ich Brenne – Gilla
15. Runaway – Long Version – Eruption
16. Magnifique Part I – Magnifique
17. Village People – Village People
18. Meteor Man – Jackson, Dee D.
19. Lady Of The Night – Summer, Donna
 Disc: 2
1. Hier Ist Das Leben – Kramer, Su
2. You See The Trouble With Me – Album Version – White, Barry
3. The Runner – Three Degrees, The
4. Follow Me – Original Single Version – Lear, Amanda
5. Slice Me Nice – Slice Remix – Fancy
6. This Is My Life – Kitt, Eartha
7. Torture – Album Version – The Jacksons
8. Eat You Up – Gold, Angie
9. Spend The Night With Me – Silver Convention
10. A Woman Can Change A Man – Boney M.
11. Fire On The Water – Long Version – O.R.S./Orlando Riva Sound
12. Koochie-Koo – Baccara
13. Try Me (Magic Fly) – Joyce
14. Auf Engel Schießt Man Nicht – Kreis
15. You Set My Heart On Fire – Charles, Tina
16. Ooh Shooby Doo Doo Lang – Aneka
17. Mellow Lovin’ – Cheeks, Judy
18. Jamaica Farewell – Denning, Chris
19. Hidden Track! “Rasputin” (Instrumental Version) – Boney M.


 Boney M. “Die Party Box” Tracking-List (6th February 2012)


Boney M 2012 Party Box

CD 1.

Daddy Cool/Sunny/Ma Baker/Bahama Mama/I Feel Good/Let It All Be Music/Painter Man/Rasputin/My Cherie Amour/Dizzy/Bye Bye Bluebird/Calendar Song [January, February, March…]/Gloria, Can You Waddle/Lady Godiva.

CD 2.

Brown Girl In The Ring/Felicidad [Margherita]/Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi-Holiday/Kalimba De Luna/No Woman No Cry/Take The Heat Off Me/Young, Free And Single/Motherless Child/A woman Can Change A Man/Love For Sale/My Friend Jack/Ribbons Of Blue/Babysitter/Living Like A Moviestar.

CD 3.

Rivers Of Babylon/I See A Boat On River/Gotta Go Home/Gadda-Da-Vida/Happy Song/Felicidad America [Obama – Obama ]/Dreadlock Holiday/Children Of Paradise/Bel Ami/Barbarella Fortuneteller/Da La De La/Malaika/Daddy Cool 2001/Belfast/6 Years Of Boney M. Hits [Boney M. On 45] Medley.


 Boney M. “Die Party Box”/”Best Of Disco” (28th January 2012)

A CD called “Die Party Box” is set for release on 23rd March 2012 according to Sony Music.

Other sites are stating a CD called “Best Of Disco” for release on 23rd March 2012.