Italian “Hits and Classics” (27th November 2013)

A new 3-CD box from Italy. Boney M 2013 Hits and Classics

Once again a strange mixture of original material, remixes and of course edits.

The tracking lists show no sign of interest from the record company. They have just used the U.K. 2CD compilation “The Essential” from 2012 split up on 3 CD’s with a different running order.

The Italian record company hasn’t even bothered to come up with a new cover. They have already used this one on the “Un’ora Con” release earlier this year.

Really wonder about the title “Hits and Classics” as well. That’s surely not referring to “Megamix”, “Barbra Streisand”, “Ma Baker ’99”, “Daddy Cool ’99” etc. 

One can only wonder when Sony Music will start to demand some quality control towards the Boney M. releases?

Why isn’t the Boney M. catalogue given the same royal treat as the ABBA catalogue?

Disc: 1

1.I’m Born Again/2.Daddy Cool/3.Hooray! Hooray! It’ s a Holi-Holiday/4.Gotta Go Home/5.Megamix/6.Jambo – Hakuna Matata (No Problems)/7.Gadda-Da-Vida/8.Felicidad (Margherita)/9.Baby Do You Wanna Bump/10.Barbra Streisand (The Most Wanted Woman)/11.No Woman No Cry/12.Belfast

Disc: 2

1.Ma Baker/2.Painter Man/3.Rivers of Babylon/4.Mary’s Boy Child / Oh My Lord/5.Brown Girl in the Ring/6.El Lute/7.Bahama Mama/8.Sunny/9.Children of Paradise/10.We Kill the World (Don’t Kill the World)/11.Malaika/12.Going Back West

Disc: 3

1.My Friend Jack/2.Kalimba de Luna/3.Somewhere in the World/4.Happy Song/5.Young, Free and Single/6.My Chérie Amour/7.Stories/8.Rasputin/9.I See a Boat on the River/10.Brown Girl in the Ring/11.Daddy Cool ’99/12.Ma Baker


“Platinum Hits” – another let-down (17th October 2013)

Boney M 2013 Platinum HitsDespite having a very nice cover,  this compilation is a let-down because of the many edits and remixes used.

If you want a Boney M. compilation go after “The Collection” (3 CD’s) or “Let It All Be Music – The Party Album” (2 CD’s). If you are into the Christmas material, then go for “Feliz Navidad – A Wonderful Christmas” (2 CD), despite having a totally wrong photo for a Christmas release.

On the Demon Music Group web-site, they have the following statement about their Music Club Deluxe series: “With over a million units sold and more than a 100 titles, Music Club Deluxe is DMG’s outstanding mid-priced 2CD single artist range. It boasts top quality repertoire from household names with selections and sleeve notes by experts for novices and fans alike and striking artwork with slip-cased packaging.” Because of that one can only wonder about why the liner-notes of this compilation have several mistakes during the storyline and why edits and remixed versions have been used.

There are edits and remixes of the following tracks:

“Nightflight To Venus” (edit), “Sunny” (edit), “Ma Baker” (edit), “Rasputin” (edit), “Belfast” (1992 version), “No Women No Cry” (edit), “Heart Of Gold” (edit/remix 2000), “Love For Sale” (edit/1993 version), “Somewhere In The World” (edit), “Rivers Of Babylon” (edit), “Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi- Holiday” (edit),  “Kalimba De Luna” (edit/remix), “Oceans Of Fantasy” (edit), “El Lute” (edit), “Dreadlock Holiday” (remix, TopDeck) and “Ribbons Of Blue” (edit).

It has to be added that strangely enough, Demon Music Group has managed to use the original single-version of the U.K. 1978 Christmas chart-topper “Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord”. Unfortunately the rest of the top hits are all edits.


“Platinum Hits” (12th September 2013)

The release date for “Platinum Hits” has changed from 30th September to 7th October 2013.


 3 DVD-Box “Das Beste Aus Dem Musikladen – Vol. 2” (7th September 2013)

Set for release on 27th September 2013.

Boney M 2013 MusikLaden Vol2

Featuring Boney M. with an alternate version of “Gadda-Da-Vida” as well as the performances of:

“Daddy Cool”, “Sunny”, “Ma Baker”, “Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi- Holiday”, Gotta Go Home”, “I’m Born Again”, “I See A Boat On The River”, “Children Of Paradise”, Consuela Biaz”, Felicidad” and “Jambo”.

Also including a few other Farian productions: Gilla with “Bend Me Shape Me”, Eruption: “Leave A Light” and Precious Wilson with “Cry To Me”.


“Platinum Hits” – Cover (6th September 2013)

Boney M 2013 Platinum Hits


New Double CD – “Platinum Hits”  (1st September 2013)

A new double CD has been set for release on 30th September 2013.

Unfortunately the compilation seems not to be anything special.

The tracking list is set to be:

CD 1

Nightflight To Venus/Daddy Cool/Sunny/Ma Baker /Rasputin/Painter Man/Belfast/No Woman No Cry/Heart Of Gold/Have You Ever Seen The Rain/Love For Sale/Dancing In The Streets (long version)/Exodus (Noah’s Ark 2001)/He Was A Steppenwolf/Future World/Somewhere In The World/When A Child Is Born/Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord

CD 2

Rivers Of Babylon/Gotta Go Home/Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi- Holiday/I Feel Good/Kalimba De Luna/Oceans Of Fantasy/El Lute/Dreadlock Holiday/Ribbons Of Blue/Bahama Mama/My Cherie Amour/Baby, Do You Wanna Bump?/Eye Dance/I’m Born Again/We Kill The World (Don’t Kill The World)/Young, Free & Single/Got Cha Loco/Brown Girl In The Ring


“In Concert” DVD  (12th August 2013)

Boney M 2013 In ConcertOriginally set for release on 10th January 2013 on both CD and DVD, but now rescheduled for 11th September 2013 on DVD only.

The DVD has now been given a cover. Of course with a photo that was taken years before the show. At least they could have used a photo from the show.

The “Fantastic Boney M.” show from 1979 has already been released as a part of the “Complete Boney M.” box-set.

Another release of this show seems a bit odd. It’s the kind of show that Sony Music and Farian should have decided to keep in their archive.

Also calling it “In Concert” seems quite wrong, as it was a playback show/special recorded for ZDF to promote their new album “Oceans Of Fantasy” at the time.

This release will just convince even more people that Boney M. wasn’t a live-act and didn’t sing live. We, the fans, of course know that Boney M. was a real colorful live-act and surely sang completely live during their concerts.

A real live concert would have been preferred instead of this release. Sony Music or Farian surely must have some hidden recordings in their archives. They found the Vienna concert from 1st November 1977 (released as “Live in Hamburg”) and we would like some more of that kind, please.


“Un’ora Con”  (8th July 2013)

Boney M 2013 Un Ora Con

1 I’m Born Again (4:17) /2 Daddy Cool (3:26)/3 Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi- Holiday (3:55)/4 Gotta Go Home (2:30)/5 A Moment Of Love (3:20)/6 Consuela Biaz (5:19)/7 Somewhere In The World (5:08)/8 No Women No Cry (4:20)/9 Ma Baker (4:34)/10 Rivers Of Babylon (4:18)/11 Sunny (4:01)/12 Children Of Paradise (4:28)/13 Kalimba De Luna (4:13)/14 Belfast (3:29)/15 Rasputin (maxi version 07:33)


“Music & Video Stars” CD and DVD  (24th May 2013)

A new double set with a CD and a DVD is set for release on 28th June 2013.

Boney M 2013 Music & VideoStars Cover

Nothing new of course:


1 Baby Do You Wanna Bump/2 Daddy Cool/3 Sunny/4 Ma Baker/5 Belfast/6 Rivers Of Babylon/7 Rasputin/8 Mary’s Boy Child – Oh My Lord/9 Gotta Go Home/10 El Lute/11 Calender Song (January, February, March…)/12 I See A Boat On The River (7” Version)/13 Bahama Mama/14 Felicidad (Margherita)/15 Kalimba De Luna/16 Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi- Holiday/17 Barbra Streisand Vs. Marilyn Monroe (Club Mix)


1 Rivers Of Babylon/2 Daddy Cool/3 Ma Baker/4 Rasputin/5 Brown Girl In The Ring/6 Sunny/7 Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi- Holiday/8 Painter Man/9 Mary’s Boy Child – Oh My Lord/10 No Women No Cry/11 Belfast/12 El Lute/13 We Kill The World/14 Felicidad/15 Baby Do You Wanna Bump/16 Kalimba De Luna/17 Still I’m Sad/18 Gotta Go Gome/19 Happy Song/20 MegaMix


“All Time Best” Cover  (8th February 2013)

Of course with a photo shot that has been used too many times already.

Boney M 2013 All Time Best

So hard to understand why it isn’t possible for Sony Music to come up with a cover where the photo hasn’t been used before.