Boney M. – The Documentary  (13th December 2009)

The documentary produced by Nestfilm in Germany is according to their production team still in the works. At present moment they are in the postproduction and hope that the documentary will be finished in spring 2010. The company also made it clear that the documentary is more a fan project, than a commercial issue.

Timings  “Gold – Greatest Hits”  (2nd October 2009)

Disc 1: 01. Brown Girl In The Ring (4:04) 02. Daddy Cool (3:29) 03. Rasputin (5:53) 04. Gotta Go Home (3:47) 05. Oceans Of Fantasy (5:08) 06. Breakaway (4:19) 07. Bahama Mama (3:18) 08. Nightflight To Venus (4:48) 09. Young, Free And Single (4:13) 10. We Kill The World (Don’t Kill The World) (6:34) 11. Felicidad (Margherita) (4:34) 12. Boney M. Mega Mix (3:52)

Disc 2: 01. Ma Baker (4:38) 02. Painter Man (3:12) 03. My Friend Jack (4:42) 04. Children Of Paradise (4:30) 05. I See A Boat On A River (4:42) 06. I’m Born Again (4:10) 07. Heart Of Gold (4:06) 08. No Woman No Cry (5:00) 09. Baby Do You Wanna Bump (6:54) 10.  Got A Man On My Mind (3:25) 11. Consuela Biaz (4:38) 12. Never Change Lovers In The Middle Of The Night (5:34)

Disc 3: 01. Belfast (3:33) 02. El Lute (5:57) 03. The Carnival Is Over (Goodbye True Lover) (4:20) 04. When A Child is Born (3:21) 05. Have You Ever Seen The Rain (2:40) 06. Motherless Child (4:57) 07. Bye Bye Bluebird (4:50) 08. Ride To Agadir (5:12) 09. Ribbons Of Blue (1:59) 10. Happy Song (6:42) 11. African Moon (3:01) 12. Daddy Cool (Remix 2001) (5:20)

Various Release Dates  “Gold – Greatest Hits”  (30th September 2009)

On the release date for “Gold – Greatest Hits” is 9th October 2009, while the release in Poland is set to 28th September on several web-sites.

Tracking-list   “Gold – Greatest Hits”  (30th September 2009)

According to several polish sites the tracking-list for “Gold – Greatest Hits” will be as listed below. There’s however not a final confirmation:

Disc 1:

  1. Brown Girl In The Ring 02. Daddy Cool 03. Rasputin 04. Gotta Go Home 05. Oceans Of Fantasy 06. Breakaway 07. Bahama Mama 08. Nightflight To Venus 09. Young, Free And Single 10. We Kill The World (Don’t Kill The World) 11. Felicidad (Margherita) 12. Boney M. Mega Mix

Disc 2:

  1. Ma Baker 02. Painter Man 03. My Friend Jack 04. Children Of Paradise 05. I See A Boat On A River 06. I’m Born Again 07. Heart Of Gold 08. No Woman No Cry 09. Baby Do You Wanna Bump 10.  Got A Man On My Mind 11. Consuela Biaz 12. Never Change Lovers In The Middle Of The Night

Disc 3:

  1. Belfast 02. El Lute 03. The Carnival Is Over (Goodbye True Lover) 04. When A Child is Born 05. Have You Ever Seen The Rain 06. Motherless Child 07. Bye Bye Bluebird 08. Ride To Agadir 09. Ribbons Of Blue 10. Happy Song 11. African Moon 12. Daddy Cool (Remix 2001)Thanks to Andrzej Wojtowicz for the information

“America – The Party Album (Das Party Album)”  (26th September 2009)

Is now available for pre-order in Germany (JPC), where it will be released on 6th November. Cover layout  “Gold – Greatest Hits”  (21st September 2009)Below you will be able to see the cover layout for the forthcoming 3 CD set “Gold – Greatest Hits” released on 30th October 2009.Thanks to Frank Eberlein for providing the cover.  “Gold – Greatest Hits”  (19th September 2009) According to JPC a compilation called “Gold – Greatest Hits” will be released on 30th October 2009 in Germany.By Amazon the release is listed as a 3CD set.  “America – The Party Album”  (11th September 2009)A new Boney M. compilation has hit the shops. It’s called “America – The Party Album” (Sony Music 88697 54104 2).The recent compilations we have had from Sony Music have shown a great interest in the releases. However “America – The Party Album” does not really show a sign of interest, which is easy to see from the songs/versions included. The most annoying thing is the inclusion of the two recordings from 1993 (“Lady Godiva” and “Da La De La”) and the new “Felicidad America”.”America – The Party Album” contains the following:

01:  Kalimba De Luna   7:18 02:  Happy Song  3:59 03:  Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi- Holiday  3:55 04:  Dreadlock Holiday   4:52 05:  Bel Ami  3:11 06:  Bahama Mama   3:16 07:  Lady Godiva  3:31 08:  Young, Free & Single  4:10 09:  Dancing In The Streets   3:58 10: Gloria, Can You Waddle  3:56 11:  Gotta Go Home   3:45 12:  Da La De La   4:01 13:  Painter Man  3:10 14:  Sunny   4:01 15:  Brown Girl In The Ring  4:01 16:  Felicidad America (Obama Obama)  4:03

Cover layout “Long Versions & Rarities Vol. 3”  (19th August 2009)Tracking-list “Long Versions & Rarities Vol. 3”  (5th August 2009)

  1. 1 Exodus (Noah’s Ark 2001) – Maxi Version 5:47
  2. 2 Wild Planet – Maxi Version 3:42
  3. 3 Somewhere In The World – Long Version 5:08
  4. 4 Future World – Long Promo Version 4:08
  5. 5 10.000 Lightyears – Promo Version 4:20
  6. 6 Kalimba De Luna – US Club Mix 9:39
  7. 7 Young, Free And Single – 12″ Version 8:08
  8. 8 Daddy Cool – Anniversary Recording ’86 /Spezial Club Mix 9:09
  9. 9 Mother & Child Reunion – Long Version 7:31
  10. 10 I’m Alive – Long Version 5:13
  11. 11 Dreadlock Holiday – Rap-Sody / Top Deck Long Version 10:59

“Long Versions & Rarities Vol. 3”  (23rd July 2009)According to “Long Versions & Rarities Vol. 3” will be released on 28th August 2009. “Hooray! Hooray! It’s Boney M.”  (13th May 2009) Reader’s Digest has re-released their 1997 3-CD box “Hooray! Hooray! It’s Boney M.” in a 2009 edition with a new cover and a new booklet as well.   New Cover  for “Let It All Be Music – The Party Album”  (21th April 2009)Sony decided to design a new cover for the compilation “Let It All Be Music – The Party Album”. You can see the new cover below.

Final Tracking-list for “Let It All Be Music – The Party Album”  (21th April 2009) BONEY M.LET IT ALL BE MUSIC – THE PARTY ALBUM

Sony Music 88697521512

CD 1

  1. Let It All Be Music (Alternate Album Version)   5:09* 02:  Gotta Go Home (Alternate Album Version)   4:36* 03:  Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi-Holiday 3:55 04:  Daddy Cool   3:26 05:  Belfast   3:30 06:  A Woman Can Change A Man   3:30 07:  Rivers Of Babylon (7″ Version)   4:19 08:  Bahama Mama (12″ Version)   5:14 09:  Brown Girl In The Ring   4:00 10:  Ma Baker   4:34 11:  King Of The Road   2:36 12:  Painter Man   3:10 13:  Ribbons Of Blue (7″ Version)   4:07 14:  Sunny   4:01 15:  Plantation Boy   4:24 16:  Bye Bye Bluebird   4:47 17:  Silent Lover   4:13 18:  Rasputin (12″ Version)   7:32

CD 2

01:  Felicidad (Margherita) (7″ Version)   4:33 02:  Happy Song (7″ Version)   4:18* 03:  Kalimba De Luna (7″ Version)   4:31 04:  Dreadlock Holiday   4:52 05:  Going Back West (7″ Version)   4:14 06:  Malaika (7″ Version)   5:01 07:  I See A Boat On The River (7″ Version)   4:40 08:  Got Cha Loco   3:35 09:  Barbarella Fortuneteller   2:55 10:  Bang Bang Lulu (7″ Version)   3:31* 11:  African Moon (Long Album Version)   4:13* 12:  Young, Free And Single (7″ Version)   4:18* 13:  My Friend Jack (7″ Version)   4:39 14:  Sample City   3:43 15:  The Alibama   3:11 16:  Exodus (Noah’s Ark 2001) (7″ Version)   4:37*

Bonus Tracks

17:  Kalimba De Luna (Dub Version)   6:28* 18:  Felicidad America (Obama – Obama) (Long English Version)   5:28**

* Version previously unreleased on CD

** Version previously unreleased

Special thanks to Frank Eberlein for providing the information.

“Let It All Be Music – The Party Album”  (16th April 2009)We have now received the tracking-list for the forth coming double CD with Boney M. “Let It All Me Music – The Party Album”. The tracking-list has been provided by Frank Eberlein who at present moment is working hard together with the mastering studio, searching the master tapes for as many alternative versions as possible. Because of that fact it’s still too early to state timings and versions of the songs included except for a few.You’ll be able to see the tracking-list below. The songs which have been stated with a certain version are definite.

CD 1: THE SEVENTIES 01. Let It All Be Music 02. Gotta Go Home 03. Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi-Holiday 04. Daddy Cool 05. Belfast 06. A Woman Can Change A Man 07. Rivers Of Babylon (7″ Version) 08. Bahama Mama (Long Version) 09. Brown Girl In The Ring 10. Ma Baker 11. King Of The Road 12. Painter Man 13. Ribbons Of Blue (7″ Version) 14. Sunny 15. Plantation Boy 16. Bye Bye Bluebird 17. Silent Lover 18. Rasputin (12″ Version) CD 2: THE EIGHTIES 01. Felicidad (Margherita) 02. Happy Song (7″ Version) 03. Kalimba De Luna (7″ Version) 04. Dreadlock Holiday 05. Going Back West 06. Malaika (7″ Version) 07. I See A Boat On The River 08. Got Cha Loco 09. Barbarella Fortuneteller 10. Bang Bang Lulu (7″ Version) 11. African Moon (Long Album Version) 12. Young, Free And Single (7″ Version) 13. My Friend Jack 14. Sample City 15. The Alibama 16. Exodus (Noah’s Ark 2001) (7″ Version) Bonus Tracks 17. Kalimba De Luna (Instrumental) 18. Felicidad America (Obama – Obama) (Long English Version)“Let It All Be Music – The Party Album”  (4th April 2009)The release date of “Let It All Be Music – The Party Album” has been postponed to 8th May 2009.


“Let It All Be Music – The Party Album”  (24th March 2009)Frank Eberlein who last year compiled the box-set “The Collection” and the CD “Rivers Of Babylon” is at present moment working on the forthcoming Boney M. release “Let It All Be Music – The Party Album” –  scheduled for release on 24th April 2009.At the same time Sony is working hard on finding alternative versions of some of the songs planned to be included on the compilation, but it’s still too early to say if they’ll succeed.

Special thanks to Frank for providing the information and the cover-layout.

New CD: “Let It All Be Music”  (22nd March 2009) According to a new Boney M. CD called “Let It All Be Music” will be released on 24th April 2009. The price has been set to EUR 8,99. “Greatest Hits (Steel Box Collection)”  (7th February 2009)“Greatest Hits (Steel Box Collection)” is set for release on 13th March 2009 and can be pre-ordered at The price is EUR 6,99. The collection is a re-release of the 2008 CD “Rivers Of Babylon (A Best Of Collection)”. “Long Versions & Rarities Vol. 2: 1980 – 1983”  (20th January 2009)

“Long Versions & Rarities Vol. 2: 1980 – 1983” is set for release on 27th Febuary 2009. The CD can be pre-ordered at at the price of EUR 8,99.



  1. “Felicidad” (12″ Version 11:47)

2 “Malaika” (12″ Version 5:39)

  1. “Consuela Biaz” (Single version 5:19)
  2. “Boonoonoonoos” (Long version 12:13)
  3. “Homeland Africa (Ship Ahoi)” (Long version 5:06)
  4. “6 Years Of Boney M. Hits” (12″ Version 11:14)
  5. “Going Back West” (12″ Version 5:02)
  6. “Silly Confusion” (12″ Version 4:00)
  7. “Jambo (12” Version 7:48)
  8. “African Moon” (12″ Version 6:42)
  9. “(I Need A) Babysitter” (Original version 3:33)

Thanks to Casper Janssen for providing the art work.

The Danish Album Chart – Week no. 1 & 2 (10th January 2009)

In week no 1 it was down 3 places from 28 to 31 for “The Magic Of Boney M. – The Danish Collection”. Week no. 2 saw a rise from no 31 to no 25.

Cancelled – Two “Daddy Cool” Shows  (10th January 2009)

According to Musikhuset in Esbjerg the complete “Daddy Cool” tour in Denmark has now been cancelled.

Cancelled – Two “Daddy Cool” Shows  (8th January 2009)

Two “Daddy Cool” shows have been cancelled in Denmark. The shows in Esbjerg (according to MHE’s web-site) and Herning (according to have been cancelled until now. If more shows will be cancelled is not known at present time.

The “Daddy Cool”  Musical In Denmark  (26th December 2008)

Another date has been added to the “Daddy Cool” tour in Denmark. On Thursday 5th February 2009 the show will play in Albertslund. Tickets for the show can be bought at

There’s now the following dates in 2009:

2nd February In Allborg at Aalborg Kongres & Kulturcenter, 3rd February in Aarhus at Musikhuset, 4th February in Esbjerg at Musikhuset, 5th Febuary in Albertslund at Musikteatret, 11th February in Copenhagen at Falconer Salen and 13th February in Herning at MCH Kongrescenter.

The Danish Album Chart – Week no. 52 (26th December 2008)

On the Danish Album Chart it’s this week down 5 places from 23 to 28 for “The Magic Of Boney  M. – The Danish Collection”.

Boney M. Feat. Sherita O. & Yulee B. (20th December 2008)

You can now hear samples of the track on

The Danish Album Chart – Week no. 51 (20th December 2008)

This week it’s down 3 places from 20 to 23 for “The Magic Of Boney  M. – The Danish Collection” on the Danish Album Chart.

Boney M. Feat. Sherita O. & Yulee B.

On 9th January 2009 there will be released a single-/maxi-CD with Boney M. feat. Sherita O. & Yulee B. called “Felicidad America (Obama-Obama)”. The single can be pre-ordered at and

The Danish Album Chart – Week no. 50 (12th December 2008)

This week it’s up 6 places from 26 to 20 for “The Magic Of Boney  M. – The Danish Collection” on the Danish Album Chart.

The Danish Album Chart – Week no. 49 (5th December 2008)

“The Magic Of Boney  M. – The Danish Collection” is this week down ten places from no. 16 to no. 26.

“The Magic Of Boney M. – The Danish Collection” – Now Charting  (28th November 2008)

“The Magic Of Boney  M. – The Danish Collection” has entered the Danish album chart at no. 16 this week. There’s nine new entries on the Top40 this week and Boney M. is the third highest new entry.

The “Daddy Cool”  Musical In Denmark  (3rd November 2008)

Another date has been added to the “Daddy Cool” tour in Denmark. On Friday 13th February the show will play in Herning at MCH Kongrescenter. Tickets for the show can be bought at

“In The Mix”  (22th October 2008)

The layout for the release of “In The Mix” released on 7th November 2008 is now ready:


“2 In 1”  (22th October 2008)

Layout for the release of “2 In 1”. The set is including the CD’s “Sunny” and “The Best 12″ Versions”.


“The Magic Of Boney M. – The Danish Collection”  (21th October 2008)

SonyBMG Denmark will release a double CD called “The Magic Of Boney M. – The Danish Collection” (88697391012) on 17th November 2008. The compilation is including the CD’s “The Magic Of Boney M.” from 2006 and “Christmas With Boney M.” from 2007. Not really a Danish Collection at all and just another easy cash-in release with no respect for the back catalogue of Boney M. at all.


The “Daddy Cool”  Musical In Denmark  (20th October 2008)

The “Daddy Cool” musical will be on tour in Denmark in February 2009.  The musical will visit the following cities: Aalborg on 2nd February at Aalborg Kongres & Kulturcenter, Aarhus on 3rd February at Musikhuset, 4th February in Esbjerg at Musikhuset and Copenhagen on 11th February at Falconer Salen. Tickets can be bought at

“In The Mix”  (17th October 2008)

It has now been confirmed that the CD-release “In The Mix” is a re-release of “The Best Of 10 Years” from 1986. Release date: 7th November 2008.

“The Best 12″ Inch Versions”  (14th October 2008)

The CD “The Best 12″ Inch Versions” released on 7th November has been given the same cover as it has in the 3CD box-set “The Collection”.



New Boney M. Releases In November  (1st October 2008)

On November 7th there’ll be released a CD called “The Best 12″ Inch Versions”. It contains the same tracks as CD no. 3 from the triple CD “The Collection” released earlier in 2008.  Another release is set for the same date. It’s called “In The Mix” and released on the Ariola Express label. There’s no tracking-list for this release yet, but it could be a re-release of “The Best Of 10 Years” when thinking of the title “In The Mix”.

Art Work “The Complete Boney M.” Box-Set  (24th September 2008)  “The Complete Boney M.” Box-Set  (16th September 2008)

The box-set will be including the remastered editions of “Take The Heat Off Me”, “Love For Sale”, “Nightflight To Venus”, “Oceans Of Fantasty”, “Boonoonoonoos”, “10.000 Lightyears”, “Kalimba De Luna” and “Eye Dance” as well as a DVD with the “Fantastic Boney M.” show aired on ZDF in 1979.

The DVD contains:

01 Boney M.: Let It All Be Music (Live Video) 03:31 02 Boney M.: Gotta Go Home (Live Video) 03:37 03 Boney M.: Two Of Us (Live Video) 02:33 04 Boney M.: Rivers Of Babylon (Live Video) 01:58 05 Boney M.: Brown Girl In The Ring (Live Video) 01:49 06 The Original Trinidad Show & S: Don’t Le Me Be Misunderstood (Live Video) 02:18 07 The Original Trinidad Show & S: Ride Your Pony (Live Video) 02:49 08 Boney M.: El Lute (Live Video) 04:40 09 Boney M.: No More Chain Gang (Live Video) 03:09 10 Antonio Gusto: Percussion Solo (Live Video) 04:00 11 Boney M.: I’m Born Again (Live Video) 04:20 12 Boney M.: Oceans Of Fantasy (Live Video) 02:50 13 Boney M.: Calendar Song (January, Februa (Live Video) 02:44 14 Boney M.: Let It All Be Music (Live Video) 03:09

“The Complete Boney M.” CD  (16th September 2008)

“The Complete Boney M.” is a new CD set for release in Germany on 24th October 2008.  The price is EUR 36.99. There’s at present moment no information stating if it’s a box-set. However the price could indicate that.

The CD can be pre-ordered at


More “Christmas Time” Info  (16th September 2008)

It now seems as if the version of “Zion’s Daughter” included on the “Christmas Time” CD will be the original version from 1981, instead of the 1986 version. This can of course only be seen as a positive change. It hasn’t been confirmed, but when listening to samples of the included tracks on Sony BMG’s web-site and on various on-line music stores, you’ll hear the original version from 1981.


More “Christmas Time” Info  (6th September 2008)

Cover lay-out for the “Christmas Time” CD.

According to Sony BMG “Jingle Bells” and “Feliz Navidad” are the original 1981 versions, while “Zion’s Daughter” unfortunately is the 1986 version and “Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord” is the far too much edited version from the “Gold” album. Hard to understand why they went  for the edited “Gold” version now where “Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord” finally is available on CD’s in both original single-version (Nightflight To Venus – Remaster) as well as original maxi-version (Long Versions & Rarities).


“Christmas Time” – Tracking-list  (22th August 2008)

The tacking-list for “Christmas Time” has been announced as the following:

If the timings are correct, one can only wonder why they haven’t used the original single version of “Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord” instead of the 4:01 version. However “Feliz Navidad”, “Jingle Bells” and “White Christmas” seem as if they could be taken from the original “Christmas Album” from 1981. Hopefully it will be the same case with “Zion’s Daughter”.

  1. 1 Zion’s Daughter 03:50
  2. 2 Jingle Bells 02:53
  3. 3 Feliz Navidad 03:07
  4. 4 Hark The Herald Angel Sing 03:03
  5. 5 Oh Come All Ye Faithful 03:41
  6. 6 Joy To The World 02:32
  7. 7 The First Noël 03:03
  8. 8 Petit Papa Noël 01:41
  9. 9 White Christmas 04:19
  10. 10 When A Child Is Born 03:19
  11. 11 Mary’s Boy Child / Oh My Lord 04:01
  12. 12 Little Drummer Boy 04:21
  13. 13 I’ll Be Home For Christmas 03:43
  14. 14 Auld Lang Syne 02:34


“Christmas Time” – New Boney M. CD  (20th August 2008)

According to there’ll be released a new Boney M. CD/compilation on 26th September 2008 called “Christmas Time”. There’s no tracking list available at present moment or no information stating if it’s a re-release of one of the previous Christmas CD releases with Boney M. The price is EUR 7.99.


Interview With Casper Janssen  (8th August 2008)“Long Versions & Rarities – Volume 1”  We have succeeded in getting an interview with Casper Janssen (pictured above), who has been working together with Sony BMG on the new Boney M. release: “Long Versions & Rarities – Volume 1”. We hope that you’ll enjoy the interview.

Casper, you have been a Boney M. fan for years. When and how did it all start?

It was back in 1977 (I was 10 years old), while I was watching the Dutch TV program “Toppop” with my brother and my parents. This was a legendary music show like the UK show “Top Of The Pops”. There was where I first saw Boney M. and they performed “Ma Baker”. I was completely overwhelmed by the performance and the song. My mother bought me the single and I kept playing “Ma Baker” and it’s B-side “Still I’m Sad” over and over…. A little while later I saw Boney M. again on Toppop with their next single “Belfast”, and then I knew; this was “my” group! Again, my mother was so kind to buy me the single, and also its B-side “Plantation Boy” knocked me down.

On the back of the cover there was an advertisement of the first two Boney M. LP’s “Take The Heat Off Me” and “Love For Sale”, which Santa Claus brought me in December ’77. These were the most beautiful presents I ever received… (besides my children, of course ha ha).

Since then I followed Boney M. with every step they made. “Rivers Of Babylon” is still my all time favourite recording ever…

I never had contact with other fans, and when Boney M. split in the late ‘80’s I thought I was the only fan left. Much to my surprise I got contact with Peter Moree in 1993, who just had started a fanclub, and then I noticed I wasn’t the only fan by far. In that same year I first met the lovely Liz Mitchell of Boney M., thanks to Peter Moree. Peter became one of my best friends and through the years a wonderful friendship started with Liz Mitchell and her husband Thomas Pemberton.

Eight years ago you were involved in compiling the Dutch Boney M. compilation “25 Jaar Na Daddy Cool”. How did you get involved in that project?

Universal Music had a big success with a Dutch ABBA compilation in 1999 entitled “25 Jaar Na Waterloo” (25 Years After Waterloo), which topped the Dutch album charts for many weeks. Peter Moree and myself of the Liz Mitchell Fanclub found out that BMG Netherlands wanted to do a similar album with Boney M. We contacted BMG Netherlands and offered that we would like to do a suggestion for the tracklisting and they reacted positively. We wanted to include all the Dutch hits and Boney M.’s most essential tracks and some tracks which were previously unreleased on CD. BMG was enthusiastic about our tracklisting and they came up with the idea to include a new exclusive remix of “Rivers Of Babylon” by Regi Pinxten of Milk Inc., who where very popular at the time in the Benelux. Frank Farian approved our tracklisting, but it took too long for him to approve the new remix, so this couldn’t be included on the album. When he finally approved this remix the CD was already in production, so BMG decided to release it as a single. BMG then got Liz Mitchell over to Holland to promote the album and the single. The album was TV advertised and successful in Holland. BMG Belgium released this compilation with a different title “The Ultimate Collection” and it was also licensed to Paradiso Records who released it as “The Greatest Hits”.

End of August/early September 2008 sees the release of the new Boney M. CD “Ultimate Boney M.: Long Versions & Rarities – Volume 1”. Is the release based on ideas of Sony/BMG, MCI or you and how did you get involved?

Because of the Liz Mitchell Fanclub I had regular contact with Sony BMG concerning their activities with Boney M.’s catalogue since Frank Farian signed his new deal with them.

I was already involved with the selection of the bonustracks of the 8 remastered original albums of Boney M. last year and I have a good contact with the people of the strategetic marketing department at Sony BMG in Germany, who are responsible for the exploitation of the Boney M. catalogue.

In March they contacted me if I would help them with ideas for possible Boney M. releases for the autumn of 2008. There were several ideas: Maxi singles on one CD, best remixes and two options for deluxe boxsets with the original albums or with all the singles and b-sides. There were also some options for DVD releases.

When did you start working on the compilation and were you given any special rules to follow?

We started rightaway in March after I was asked. I suggested that the maxi singles idea would be the best, especially because many fans (including myself) are waiting for a concept like that for many years. But I explained it would be impossible to put all that on one CD and that besides the 12″ versions there are still many other versions and rarities left which are worth it to be released on CD. So it had to be a series.

I also suggested to do a Deluxe edition of “Nightflight To Venus” 30th Anniversary CD+DVD in a deluxe package.

They replied that they would have a meeting where my suggestions would be discussed. Together with Peter Moree and Søren Jensen I started to compile a list with all long and alternate versions of Boney M. songs, which I’d send to Sony BMG. Sony BMG did send me their list, on which many things were missing. We combined both lists into one to have the most complete summary.

The meeting turned out that they wanted to concentrate on the maxi singles concept, which was great in my opinion. It was probably too soon after the “Nighflight to Venus” remaster (2007) to come now with another issue of the album.

Then we could start off….

I wanted to find out what possible unreleased songs were left in the vaults to be included. It is no secret that for each album Boney M. recorded more songs than were actually released on the album. But it soon became clear that all the unreleased recordings were never finished. Also Boney M. singer Liz Mitchell did confirm this to me. They are still in the vaults as demos or Frank re-recorded these songs with other artists. There were no special rules given, but it became clear that Frank Farian doesn’t want to release the demos, because he thinks they are not good enough to be released.

So in co-operation with Søren Jensen and Peter Moree I selected 15 tracks which I suggested to Sony BMG. Soon Frank Farian approved all tracks, but there was one little problem… the CD would have a timing of over 90 minutes…. So we had to remove the following tracks; “Nighflight to Venus”, “Rasputin” (both 1st LP pressing versions), “Brown Girl In The Ring” (with extra verse), which masters couldn’t be found in the archives on time, although Farian has given Sony BMG his approval to release these versions. This made it easy to decide, because without these tracks everything would perfectly fill one CD completely (almost 75 minutes of great Boney M. music!).

It doesn’t however automatically mean that these above mentioned versions are lost; they should still appear somewhere in the archives and will be kept in mind for a possible future “Nightflight to Venus” Deluxe Edition as mentioned above. Who knows? I will keep the idea warm 😉

You have earlier stated that one out of the twelve tracks on the compilation has been mastered from vinyl. Can you tell us which track it is?

It’s the US maxi version of “Rivers Of Babylon”. Because “Rivers Of Babylon” is Boney M.’s biggest hit and one of their most essential tracks we thought it should be included here in the “long version”, which was only released as a promo 12″ in the US through Sire Records and has never been commercially available anywhere.

There are two archives; the “Hansa archive” in Güntersloh and the Far Music archive in the Far Studios in Rosbach. Since this version wasn’t released through Hansa Germany it could not be in the “Hansa archive” in Günthersloh.

Ingrid “Milli” Segieth manages the archive at the Far Studios in Rosbach (Frank Farian doesn’t intervene himself so much with this route). She did everything to find this master. One moment she thought she’d found it, and did send it to Sony BMG. Sony BMG did send me MP3’s by e-mail of all the versions so I could check if the right versions were being used. Sadly this “Rivers Of Babylon” master turned out to be the 7:15 PWL ’88 Acid House Mix, which would be totally out of place on this compilation.

It is very likely that the original 12″ master never reached Far Music, back in ’78, because this version is probably made in the US by Sire Records. Since they don’t own the rights to Boney M. music anymore since a very long time, they probably destroyed this master instead of sending it to Frank Farian.

So we had to make a choice; whether to transfer it from vinyl, or it would never be released on CD. We decided to let the mastering studio decide. I was lucky to have a complete perfect maxi single, which I’d send to the mastering studio. They confirmed that this maxi single sounded so good, that it would make no difference if they would have the original master.

“Help Help” is one of these tracks that fans have been waiting for years to appear on a CD release. How did you manage to find the original master for that one?

Sadly I was not able to search the archives myself. Ingrid “Milli” Segieth really did her best…. Although she first came up with “Help Help” from Gilla…. she later came up with the Boney M. version….

Is there any special reason for including the US 12″ promo version of “Rivers Of Babylon” instead of including the early single versions of “Rivers Of Babylon” and Brown Girl In The Ring” where the first mentioned also is including the extra add lips during the humming piece like the 12″ promo version while “Brown Girl In The Ring” has one verse repeated one extra time?

For “Rivers Of Babylon” we wanted the long version, since the title of the album starts with “Long Versions…” and because this version was never commercially released before and was only available in the US as a promotional 12″. And it also has additional add libs during the “ah ah” piece in the middle of the song.

As already stated, the “Brown Girl In The Ring” master with extra verse was not found within the deadline.

“Mary’s Boy Child – Oh My Lord” and “Dancing In The Streets” are two out of three original maxi-versions/12″ versions that appear on CD for the first time. Was it difficult to find these masters and where were they located?

I don’t know where they were located. I gave Sony BMG all details of the original 12″, since their archive is build on original catalogue release numbers. I think it’s found in Güntersloh, but I’m not sure. I don’t know if they were difficult to find.

To this day, the original single version of “Ribbons Of Blue” still hasn’t been released on CD. It’s now scheduled for inclusion on the new release. One must assume that the master has been missing, as the orginal single version didn’t appear on the newly released compilations “The Collection” and “Rivers Of Babylon”. Can you tell us where the original master was found and who found it?

I was very surprised when Sony BMG confirmed me that this master was found, especially because I suggested it for the “Oceans Of Fantasy” remaster to replace the 2 minute version and I knew it was also already suggested by Frank Eberlein for the wonderful 3CD boxset “The Collection” and the CD “Rivers Of Babylon – A Best Of Collection”, but all without result.

Sony BMG did send me an MP3 of the master that they found, and it really turned out to be the original 1979 version!

Who found it and where…. I don’t know.  

I think it could be that Far Music was less co-operative with the 3CD “The Collection” and “Rivers Of Babylon” releases, since they are low priced / budget releases. These collections are made by a different department of Sony BMG (comparable with the former Ariola Express). The “Long Versions & Rarities” concept is developed by the Stratetig Marketing Department, who also did the “Magic Of Boney M.”, the 8 remasters and “Christmas With Boney M.”. I have a feeling they have more access to the vaults, also because their releases are in a different price category and more targeted on the traditional CD market.

“Bahama Mama” is the third maxi-version/12″ version to appear on CD for the first time. Has it been taken form the original master or has it been re-created by using the original single master?

Except for “Rivers Of Babylon” (US maxi), all tracks have been taken from the original masters, including the 12″ version of “Bahama Mama”.

When the remaster of “Oceans Of Fantasy” was released in 2007, it included the 5:22 version of “No More Chain Gang”, like the CD release from 1994. “Long Versions & Rarities” includes the 5:43 version. How did you come across this master and does the inclusion of it means, that you also came across the master of the “Oceans Of Fantasy” album that’s including the long/different versions of “Let It All Be Music”, “Bye Bye Bluebird”, Oceans Of Fantasy” and “No Time To Lose”? It would be quite obvious to believe that as a fan, wouldn’t it?

The CD remasters of 2007 have been remastered from the same album masters as used in 1994 (except for “Kalimba De Luna”, which became a complete new compilation). Therefore the 2007 remasters included exactly the same versions as the 1994 CD issues. I think this was OK, except for the fact that they haven’t replaced the full “Ribbons Of Blue” instead of that silly short version on “Oceans Of Fantasy”.

The master of the long version “No More Chain Gang” came from Far Music. First they came with the 5:22 version, but that would make no sense, because this is the standard album version, which appears on “Oceans Of Fantasy”. I said, if only the standard version could be found, it shouldn’t be included here. A few days later Sony BMG confirmed that thought they found it and did send me an MP3 for confirmation.

I haven’t been able to search the archives myself. Frank Farian lets no one in his archive, except Ingrid. I’m sure that the long/different versions of “Let It All Be Music”, “Bye Bye Bluebird”, “Oceans Of Fantasy” and “No Time To Lose” should be there as well.

Frank Eberlein who has compiled “The Collection” and “Rivers Of Babylon” told us that it sometimes was hard to find the right version of a song for these compilations during the first search, because there were so many different versions of a single song. Did you go through the same troubles?

Except for “Rivers Of Babylon” and “No More Chain Gang” I must say that everything was found quickly, especially because we were searching for concrete versions. I gave Sony BMG as much information as I could, like original catalogue numbers, timings, release dates etc.

Did you come across some songs/versions that you would like to have been included on the forthcoming release, but weren’t approved?

No. All the 15 tracks I suggested were approved. 12 of them are finally used. There are still tracks left which could have been used like the longer 7″ early version of “Ma Baker” and some longer/alternate tracks from “Nightflight To Venus” and “Oceans Of Fantasy”, but hopefully there will be possibilities in the future, like “deluxe” album releases…

Have you been involved in choosing the photo for the cover of “Long Versions & Rarities” and do you know if the booklet will include photos and liner notes?

No, I haven’t been involved choosing the photo for the cover of “Long Versions & Rarities vol. 1”, but I think Sony BMG took a great photo of Didi Zill. The artwork is really “classic Boney M.-ish” if you ask me. I couldn’t have made a better choice.

I have seen the entire artwork. The booklet will not include further liner notes or extra photos, but all the necessary information. Inside the booklet the photo of the front cover is overturned and that works out very beautifully. I think it’s also great that it has the “classic” Boney M. lettering and fonts, similar like they used on the original Hansa singles. The artwork is great because it’s simple. No more and no less.

For the rest the artwork is in the style of the 8 remastered albums that have been released last year with the dotted lines on the back, the Boney M. logo down left on the back inlay and the dotted circle on the inside with the logo underneath the disc, like the 8 remasters have also.

Can you tell us, if there already has been located masters for a volume 2 of “Long Versions & Rarities”? If that’s the case can you tell us which masters we are talking about?

Yes, there are some original masters found and put aside eventually for future releases like maxi versions of “Exodus”, “Wild Planet”, “Kalimba De Luna”, “Mother And Child Reunion”, “Daddy Cool 10th Anniversary ’86″, “B.M.A.GO” and some more… But these were found by co-incidence while searching for masters for volume 1. Currently we are starting to work on volume 2, on which I hope to include maxis like “Malaika”, “Jambo” (Spanish 12″), “Felicidad”, “Boney M. On 45” “African Moon”, alternate/long versions of some “Boonoonoonoos” tracks, Marcia Barrett’s “You” and “I’m Lonely”, the orginal ’83 “Babysitter” and I’ll suggest Marcia’s version of “Breakaway”…. But of course, everything first has to be approved by Frank, because he always has the final say.

Hopefully “Long Versions & Rarities” is just one of many exciting Boney M. releases in the nearest future. Would you be able to shed some light on other forthcoming releases?

I think since the new contract with Frank Farian and Sony BMG we have seen a great amount of releases in the last two years; “The Magic Of Boney M.” CD (with a new remix and a new song) and DVD, the 8 remastered albums with bonus tracks, “Christmas With Boney M.”, the “Fantastic” DVD with the ’77 live concert and the “Boonoonoonoos” special, the 3CD “The Collection”, “Rivers Of Babylon – A Best Of Collection” and now “Long Versions & Rarities vol. 1″…. which means there will be at least a volume 2….

With a little luck there will also be a new DVD release this year.

Special thanks to Casper Janssen for taking the time to do this interview



Pre-order “Long Versions & Rarities Vol. 1 – 1976 – 1980”  (8th August 2008)

The CD “Long Versions & Rarities Vol. 1 – 1976 -1980” can now be pre-ordered at Price is set to EUR 8.99. You can also listen to samples of the included tracks.


Art Work for “Long Versions & Rarities Vol. 1 – 1976 – 1980”  (27th July 2008)

The art work for the new Boney M. compilation “Long Versions & Rarites Vol. 1 – 1976 -1980” has been released by Sony/BMG.


We would like to thank the Liz Mitchell fanclub for providing the art work.


New CD “Long Versions And Rarities Vol. 1 – 1976 – 1980”  (16th July 2008)

According to Sony-BMG/MCI there will be a new Boney M. release on 29th August 2008 in Germany called “Long Versions And Rarities Vol. 1 – 1976 – 1980”. The CD is set to include:

  1. Help Help (long album version 6:05) * 2. Rivers Of Babylon (US 12″ promo long version 7:30) * 3. Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord (long version 6:20) * 4. Dancing In The Streets (long version 6:23) * 5. Ribbons Of Blue (original 1979 full version 4:06) * 6. Gotta Go Home (long version 5:06) 7. Bahama Mama (long version 5:11) * 8. No More Chain Gang (long version 5:43) * 9. I See A Boat On The River (long version 6:06) 10. My Friend Jack (long version 8:26) 11. Children Of Paradise (long version 5:16) 12. Gadda Da Vida (long version 8:56)

* = previously unreleased on CD

We would like to thank the Liz Mitchell fanclub for the information.


Japanese – “The Best Collection” 3CD-set (15th July 2008)

A Japanese release of “The Collection” (3CD-set) which was compiled by Frank Eberlein is set to be released on 23rd July 2008. According to some online stores it will have the same title as the German release while other stores state the title as “The Best Collection”.


“Rivers Of Babylon” U.K. edition (22nd May 2008)

In the U.K. the CD “Rivers Of Babylon” will be released on 2nd June 2008. The cover of the U.K. edition has a different layout compared to the German release.




“Rivers Of Babylon” new release-date (4th April 2008)

On the release-date of “Rivers Of Babylon” has now been changed to 2nd May 2008. The price has changed as well. New price is EUR 8.99.


“Rivers Of Babylon” available for pre-order (30th March 2008)

The CD “Rivers Of Babylon” can now be pre-ordered at The price is EUR 7.99.

Release date: 9th May 2008.