Boney M. – “Diamonds” (26th November 2016)

A CD called “Diamonds” is set for release on 6th Januar 2017 according to several online medias. Price is set to Euro 7,99.


Boney M. – “Special Hit Edition – 50 Hits” (14th July 2016)

The release is unfortunately just a rerelease of the 2015 compilation “Special Hit Edition (Hits Und Hit Mixe)” (Sony Music: 88875098852).


Boney M. – “Special Hit Edition – 50 Hits” (6th July 2016)

According to several web shops a double CD called “Special Hit Edition – 50 Hits” will be released on the Sony Music label on 19th August 2016.


It’s stated as having the same catalogue number and almost the identical cover as the 2015 release “Special Hit Edition (Hits Und Hit Mixe)” (Sony Music: 88875098852). So it might be another rerelease.

The 2015 release has the tracking list and cover shown below.

CD 1: “Hits In The Mix (The Best Of 10 Years)”

CD 2: “Hits Unmixed”

“Take The Heat Off Me”, “Fever”, “Love For Sale”, “Plantation Boy”, “Motherless Child”, “Silent Lover”, “King Of The Road”, “Voodoonight”, “Dancing In The Streets”, “Let It All Be Music”, “Bye Bye Bluebird”, “Hold On I’m Coming”, “Heart Of Gold”, “Stories”, “Ribbons Of Blue”, “Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord” (edit), “I’m Born Again”, “Children Of Paradise” and “Silly Confusion” (edit).

Boney M. Specia Hit Edition


Release date for Eruption – Expanded Editions (21st May 2016)

According to Amazon.co.uk BBR has set the release date for “Eruption” and “Leave A Light” to the 1st July.


Eruption – Expanded Editions (20th March 2016)



It might not be a Boney M. topic, but since there’s not much going on regarding Boney M.’s back catalogue at present moment (despite being the 40th Anniversary of their singles “Daddy Cool” and “Sunny” as well as their debut album “Take The Heat Off Me”), it’s on its place to mention that Eruptions first two albums “Eruption (I Can’t Stand The Rain)” and “Leave A Light” will be released in a couple of months by BBR Records as expanded editions.

One can only hope that BBR decides to give Eruptions third album “Fight Fight Fight” the same treat.