“Baby, Do You Wanna Bump?”

Boney M. 1975 Baby Do You Wanna BumpIn December 1974 Frank Farian had been in the Europa Sound Studio for around 6 weeks working on a new recording.

Frank Farian was at that time a German schlager singer who produced his own material which was released on the Hansa label.

He had limited success as a schlager singer and wanted to try something different. During the 6 weeks in the studio he had been working on a new track which had been given the working-title: “The Bump”.

“The Bump” was very different to the previous material Frank Farian had recorded. It was a pure disco track. Frank sang all the vocals on the recording, also the so called “girl vocals”.

During the work on the track the title was changed to “Baby, Do You Wanna Bump”. Frank took the recording to Hansa. They liked it and wanted to release the track. However, Frank didn’t want the single to be released as a Frank Farian single as he was a schlager artist and couldn’t see himself promote “Baby, Do You Wanna Bump”.

Therefore he came up with the name “Boney M.” after seeing an Australian TV-series on German TV where there was a guy called “Boney”. Frank liked the “Boney”-thing and started to play around with the name in his head saying: “Boney, Boney, Boney, Boney…. Boney M.!” He then had found the name for his new project.

“Baby, Do You Wanna Bump” was released as the first Boney M. single in February 1975.Boney M Frank Farian

Frank didn’t really think more about the project until the track suddenly entered the Dutch charts in the last part of 1975. He then got a call from a Dutch TV-station that wanted Boney M. to come and perform the track on TV. Suddenly Frank found himself having a problem. He couldn’t show up as Boney M. and perform the track on TV, as he was known as a schlager singer!

Frank then got the idea to find 4 black, beautiful and talented singers who should promote the single as Boney M. At the same time he realized that Boney M. could be more than only “Baby, Do You Wanna Bump”. He started to get a lot of creative ideas regarding his new project.

And in early 1976 he had the Boney M. lineup he wanted and was ready for further studio work with the new group.