“Rasputin” enters Billboard Charts (24th Febuary 2021)

This week the orignal single-version of “Rasputin” debuts at No. 10 on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart – 43 years after its release. The return is caused by a huge boost in streams thanks to TikTok where “Rasputin” went viral.


3CD Compilation “New Best of” (4th May 2020)

Is set for release on 19th June by Sony Music, Germany.

No tracking list is available yet.


New 3CD “Gold” (23rd September 2019)

Yet another Boney M. compilation put randomly together without too many thoughts. The content of CD 1 and CD 2 seems o.k., but CD 3  is pure nonsens. Why all the remixes? And why a photo that has been used on CD-covers over and over again. It shouldn’t be that difficult to come up with a photo that hasn’t been used before.

Set for release on 15th November 2019.

CD 1:

  1. Daddy Cool
  2. Sunny
  3. Ma Baker
  4. No Woman No Cry
  5. Belfast
  6. Dancing In The Streets [7″ Version]
  7. El Lute [7″ Version)
  8. Kalimba De Luna [7″ Version]
  9. Ribbons Of Blue
  10. Bahama Mama [7″ Version]
  11. I’m Born Again [7″ Version]
  12. Children Of Paradise
  13. Jambo – Hakuna Matata (No Problems) [7″ Version]
  14. Somewhere In The World [7″ Version]
  15. Young, Free And Single (7″ Version]
  16. 10,000 Lightyears
  17. Boonoonoonoos
  18. Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi-Holiday [7″ Version]

CD 2:

  1. Rivers Of Babylon
  2. Gotta Go Home [7″ Version]
  3. Brown Girl In The Ring
  4. Rasputin [7″ Version]
  5. Baby, Do You Wanna Bump
  6. I See A Boat On The River [7″ Version]
  7. Exodus (Noah’s Ark 2001) [7″ Version]
  8. The Carnival Is Over (Goodbye True Lover) [Original Single Version]
  9. My Chérie Amour
  10. Still I’m Sad
  11. He Was A Steppenwolf
  12. Future World
  13. Chica Da Silva
  14. My Friend Jack
  15. We Kill The World
  16. Consuela Biaz [Single Version]
  17. Painter Man

CD 3

  1. Ma Baker/Somebody Scream [Sash! Radio Edit] Boney M v Horny United
  2. Sunny [Mousse T. Sexy Disco Radio Mix]
  3. Barbra Streisand (The Most Wanted Woman) [Radio Mix]
  4. Happy Song
  5. Papa Chico (Radio Version]
  6. Stories [Radio Mix]
  7. Bang Bang Lulu [7″ Version]
  8. Gadda-Da-Vida [7″ Version]
  9. Magic Mega Mix 2006[ Contains a sample of: Gotta Go Home, Rasputin, Sunny, Ma Baker, Daddy Cool]
  10. Mary’s Boy Child / Oh My Lord [7″ Version]
  11. Little Drummer Boy
  12. White Christmas
  13. Feliz Navidad
  14. Jingle Bells


New 2CD “Essential Boney M. – Gold Series” (3rd July 2019)

Release date is set to 12th June 2019. No tracking list available yet. Price is set to EUR 22,99.

The “Gold Series” is a serie of greatest hit packages by well known artists such as Backstreet Boys, Mariah Carey, Johnny Cash etc.


Vinyl Releases – Part 2 (25th April 2017)

Sony Music is also set to release “Oceans Of Fantasy”, “Boonoonoonoos” and “Kalimba De Luna” on vinyl on 7th July 2017. Price is set to Euro 16,99 per vinyl.

One can only wonder what the purpose is with the re-release of “Kalimba De Luna” on vinyl, unless they have reworked the compilation to something special.


9 LP Box-Set (26th March 2017)

Set for release on 7th July 2017 by Sony Music.



New Release Date – Vinyl releases (18th February 2017)

Sony Music has changed the release date of the first three albums “Take The Heat Off Me”, “Love For Sale” and “Nightflight To Venus” to 5th May 2017


Vinyl releases (4th February 2017)

Sony Music is set to release “Take The Heat Off Me”, “Love For Sale” and “Nightflight To Venus” on vinyl on 14th April 2017. Price is set to Euro 16,99 per vinyl.


Boney M. – “Diamonds” (26th November 2016)

A CD called “Diamonds” is set for release on 6th Januar 2017 according to several online medias. Price is set to Euro 7,99.


Boney M. – “Special Hit Edition – 50 Hits” (14th July 2016)

The release is unfortunately just a rerelease of the 2015 compilation “Special Hit Edition (Hits Und Hit Mixe)” (Sony Music: 88875098852).


Boney M. – “Special Hit Edition – 50 Hits” (6th July 2016)

According to several web shops a double CD called “Special Hit Edition – 50 Hits” will be released on the Sony Music label on 19th August 2016.


It’s stated as having the same catalogue number and almost the identical cover as the 2015 release “Special Hit Edition (Hits Und Hit Mixe)” (Sony Music: 88875098852). So it might be another rerelease.

The 2015 release has the tracking list and cover shown below.

CD 1: “Hits In The Mix (The Best Of 10 Years)”

CD 2: “Hits Unmixed”

“Take The Heat Off Me”, “Fever”, “Love For Sale”, “Plantation Boy”, “Motherless Child”, “Silent Lover”, “King Of The Road”, “Voodoonight”, “Dancing In The Streets”, “Let It All Be Music”, “Bye Bye Bluebird”, “Hold On I’m Coming”, “Heart Of Gold”, “Stories”, “Ribbons Of Blue”, “Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord” (edit), “I’m Born Again”, “Children Of Paradise” and “Silly Confusion” (edit).

Boney M. Specia Hit Edition


Release date for Eruption – Expanded Editions (21st May 2016)

According to BBR has set the release date for “Eruption” and “Leave A Light” to the 1st July.


Eruption – Expanded Editions (20th March 2016)



It might not be a Boney M. topic, but since there’s not much going on regarding Boney M.’s back catalogue at present moment (despite being the 40th Anniversary of their singles “Daddy Cool” and “Sunny” as well as their debut album “Take The Heat Off Me”), it’s on its place to mention that Eruptions first two albums “Eruption (I Can’t Stand The Rain)” and “Leave A Light” will be released in a couple of months by BBR Records as expanded editions.

One can only hope that BBR decides to give Eruptions third album “Fight Fight Fight” the same treat.


Tracking list for “Diamonds” DVD (26th March 2015)

According to several sources the DVD-set includes recordings from the Sun City concert that weren’t a part of the aired TV-special “Boney M. Live In Sun City”.  The Sun City show on DVD is set to also include “Rasputin”, “Future World”, “Somewhere In The World”, “Many Rivers To Cross” (performed by Reggie), “Jimmy”, “Going Back West” and “Brown Girl In The Ring”.

Unfortunately it seems as if the show from the Sopot Festival in Poland has been tagged as live on the DVD set which of course isn’t the case. One can only wonder why Sony Music decided to include a playback performance.

Disc 1

    1. Baby Do You Wanna Bump (Jetzt Geht Die Party Richtig Los 31.12.1976)
    2. Daddy Cool (Ein Kessel Buntes 26.12.1976)
    3. Sunny (Zdf Pariser Charme Und Viel Musik 23.12.1976)
    4. Rasputin (Zdf Disco 30.10.1978)
    5. Brown Girl In The Ring (Jetzt Geht Die Party Richtig Los 31.12.1978)
    6. Rivers Of Babylon (Jetzt Geht Die Party Richtig Los 31.12.1978)
    7. El Lute (Starparade 14.06.1979)
    8. Calendar Song (January, February, March…) (Jetzt Geht Die Party Richtig Los 31.12.1979)
    9. Gotta Go Home (Jetzt Geht Die Party Richtig Los 31.12.1979)
    10. Bahama Mama (Die Pyramide 03.03.1980)
    11. Children Of Paradise (Wwf-Club 05.12.1980)
    12. Mary’s Boy Child (Wwf-Club 05.12.1980)
    13. Felicidad (Margherita) (Ein Kessel Buntes 25.12.1980)
    14. Consuela Biaz (Wwf-Club 12.06.1981)
    15. Little Drummer Boy (Wwf-Club 18.12.1981)
    16. The Carnival Is Over (Na, Sowas! 28.06.1982)
    17. Zion’s Daughter (Vorsicht Musik 13.12.1982)
    18. Jambo – Hakuna Matata (No Problems) (Wwf-Club 23.09.1983)
    19. Somewhere In The World (Formel Eins 04.06.1984)
    20. My Cherie Amour (Formel Eins 17.06.1985)
    21. Young, Free And Single (Formel Eins 07.10.1985)
    22. Stories (Wwf-Club 23.03.1990)
    1. Daddy Cool (BBC)
    2. Belfast (BBC)
    3. Mary’s Boy Child / Oh My Lord (BBC)
    4. Rasputin (BBC)
    5. I’m Born Again – 7′ Version (BBC)
    1. Hit-Medley (The Royal Variety Performance) (BBC)
    2. Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi- Holiday (BBC)
    3. Brown Girl In The Ring (BBC)
    4. Mary’s Boy Child / Oh My Lord (BBC)
    5. Rivers of Babylon (BBC)
    1. Sunny (Ein Kessel Buntes 26.12.1976)
    2. Daddy Cool (Jetzt Geht Die Party Richtig Los 31.12.1976)
    3. Sunny (Zdf Disco 05.02.1977)
    4. Ma Baker
    5. Calendar Song (January, February, March…) (Zdf Ifa / Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin 24.08.1979)
    6. El Lute (Zdf Ifa / Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin 24.08.1979)
    1. The Summer Mega Mix – Medley
    2. Sunny
    3. Kalimba De Luna
    4. Ma Baker
    5. Gotta Go Home
    1. Jambo – Hakuna Matata (No Problems) (Official Video)
    2. Mary’s Boy Child (Official 1988 Video)
    3. Stories (Official Video)
    4. Hooray Hooray – Caribbean Night Fever Mega Mix (Official Video)

Disc 2

    1. Live in Dublin 1978: Painter Man
    2. Never Change Lovers in the Middle Of The Night
    3. When I Need You
    4. Love For Sale
    5. Baby, Do You Wanna Bump
    6. Daddy Cool
    7. Sunny
    8. Big Spender
    9. Rasputin
    10. Belfast
    11. Heart Of Gold
    12. King Of The Road
    13. Mary’s Boy Child / Oh My Lord
    14. Ma Baker
    15. Rivers Of Babylon
    16. Brown Girl In The Ring
    1. Sopot Festival 1979 (Playback show): Rivers of Babylon
    2. Daddy Cool
    3. Ma Baker
    4. Brown Girl In The Ring
    5. Sunny
    6. Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi-Holiday
    7. Dancing In The Streets
    8. Belfast
    9. El Lute
    10. Rasputin
    11. Gotta Go Home

Disc 3

    1. Live in Sun City 1984: Boonoonoonoos
    2. Daddy Cool
    3. Sunny
    4. Ma Baker
    5. Belfast
    6. Rasputin
    7. Introduction
    8. Never Change Lovers In The Middle Of The Night
    9. We Kill The World (Don’t Kill The World)
    10. Exodus
    11. Future World (The DVD states it to be 10.000 Lightyears, which not is the case).
    12. Where Did You Go
    13. I Feel Good
    14. Somewhere In The World
    15. Many Rivers To Cross
    16. Barbarella Fortuneteller
    17. Drum Solo
    18. Tambourine Solo
    19. Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi-Holiday
    20. Calendar Song (January, February, March…)
    21. I Shall Sing
    22. Boonoonoonoos
    23. Malaika
    24. Still I’m Sad
    25. Jimmy
    26. Going Back West
    27. Brown Girl In The Ring
    28. No Woman No Cry
    29. Rivers of Babylon
    1. Best Of 10 Years (Excerpts).
    2. No Woman No Cry
    3. Brown Girl In The Ring
    4. Daddy Cool
    5. Sunny
    6. Ma Baker
    7. Painter Man
    8. Gotta Go Home
    9. Rasputin
    10. Rivers of Babylon
    11. Still I’m Sad
    12. El Lute
    13. Kalimba De Luna
    14. Felicidad (Margherita)
    15. Happy Song
    16. Dreadlock Holiday


 “Diamonds” DVD trailer (19th February 2015)


Boney M. documentary on RTL2 13th April 22:15 (16th March 2015)

On Monday 13th April 2015 RTL2 airs a 2 hours documentary called “Die wahre Geschichte von Boney M.” (“The true story of Boney M.”) because of Boney M.’s 40th anniversary. The show starts at 22:15.

The show is said to include never before seen footage.



 “Diamonds” – 3CD (10th March 2015)

Tracking list and timings for “Diamonds” – 3CD edition:

Unfortunately “We Kill The World (Don’t Kill The World)” is an edit and not a 7″ version as stated.

Disc 1

Baby Do You Wanna Bump, Pt. 1 – 7′ Version (3:42)

Daddy Cool (3:26)

No Woman No Cry (4:55)

Sunny (4:01)

Ma Baker – 7′ Alternate Version (4:48)

Belfast (3:29)

Rivers of Babylon – 7′ Alternate Version (4:06)

Brown Girl in the Ring – 7′ Alternate Version (4:18)

Rasputin – 7′ Version (4:42)

Painter Man (3:10)

Mary’s Boy Child / Oh My Lord – 7′ Version (5:43)

Dancing in the Streets – 7′ Version (3:58)

Hooray! Hooray! It’s a Holi-Holiday – 7′ Version (3:55)

Gotta Go Home – 7′ Version (3:59)

El Lute – 7′ Version (5:10)

Bahama Mama – 7′ Version (3:35)

I’m Born Again – 7′ Version (4:17)

I See a Boat on the River – 7′ Version (4:40)

My Friend Jack – 7′ Version (4:35)

    Disc 2

Children of Paradise – 7′ Version (4:28)

Gadda-Da-Vida – 7′ Version (5:05)

Felicidad (Margherita) – 7′ Version (4:39)

Malaika (3:27)

Consuela Biaz – 7′ Alternate Version (5:05)

We Kill the World – 7′ Version (4:30)

The Carnival Is OverLover (Goodbye True Lover) – 7′ Alternate Version (4:47)

Going Back West – 7′ Version (4:15)

Jambo – Hakuna Matata (No Problems) – 7′ Version (3:39)

Somewhere in the World – 7′ Version (4:25)

Exodus (Noah’s Ark 2001) – 7′ Version (4:37)

Kalimba De Luna – 7′ Version (4:32)

Happy Song – 7′ Version (4:19)

My Cherie Amour (4:04)

Young, Free and Single – 7′ Version (4:18)

Bang Bang Lulu – 7′ Version (3:31)

Stories – Radio Mix (4:16)

Papa Chico – Rap Version (4:43)

Barbra Streisand (The Most Wanted Woman) – Radio Mix (3:11)

Disc 3

Song of Joy – Single Edit (4:35)

Running Man (Frankie’s on the Run) (3:20)

Sunny – John Munich & Thorsten Skringer Radio Sax Edit (3:44)

Nightflight to Venus – Blank & Jones Remix (4:42)

Ma Baker – Blank & Jones Radio Remix (3:08)

Daddy Cool – Nick Raider Radio-Mix (3:28)

Kalimba De Luna – Bassflow de Luna Mix (3:26)

Rasputin – Bassflow 4.0 Mix (3:38)

Rivers of Babylon – Echolot Fox Mix (3:41)

Daddy Cool – Jay Frog & Amfree Remix (5:16)

Sunny – John Munich & Thorsten Skringer Extended Sax Mix (6:10)

Sunny – Blank & Jones Summer Vibe Remix (3:17)

Rivers of Babylon – Nick Raider Club Party Mix (3:23)

Kalimba De Luna – Bassflow de Luna Instrumental Mix (3:25)

Rasputin – Bassflow 4.0 Remix (3:39)



 “Diamonds” – Deluxe Edition (10th March 2015)


12″ vinyl – “Take The Heat Off Me”

“Diamonds” 3CD

“Boney M Aus Lämmerspiel” DVD





  “Diamonds” – 3CD (3rd February 2015)

Coverart for upcoming 40th anniversary CD release “Diamonds”.

2 CD’s with the original hits and a thrid CD with remixes.


Die Grosse Hit-Kollektion” – 5CD (24th October 2014)

Once again a Boney M. compilation that has been put together without any consideration at all.

A strange tracking list indeed. A great part is album- and single-versions, but you are also treated with the usual edits (“Oceans Of Fantasy”, “Felicidad” and “I Shall Sing”), remixes  (“Calendar Song” and “The Summer Megamix”) and even tracks that originally weren’t released under the Boney M. name (eg: “Mother & Child Reunion” and “I’m Alive” by Frank Farian Corporation, “Hold On I’m Coming” by Precious Wilson” as well as “Babra Streisand  (The Most Wanted Woman)”. Tracks like “Stories” “Papa Chico” and “Time To Remember” are also strange inclusions, as they aren’t by the original formation.

When will Boney M. receive the same royal touch as ABBA gets from their record company?

CD: 1

Daddy Cool/Sunny/Ma Baker/Rivers Of Babylon/Brown Girl In The Ring/Rasputin/Belfast/I See A Boat On The River/Bahama Mama/Painter Man/My Friend Jack/Happy Song/Fever/Nightflight To Venus/Boonoonoonoos/Young, Free & Single/Going Back West/Gadda-Da-Vida/Let It All Be Music/Barbra Streisand (The Most Wanted Woman).

CD 2:

Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi- Holiday/Baby Do You Wanna Bump/Kalimba De Luna/Children Of Paradise/My Cherie Amour/African Moon/Jambo/No Women No Cry/Dreadlock Holiday/Still I’m Sad/Voodooonight/Homeland Africa (Ship Ahoi)/Papa Chico/Have You Ever Seen The Rain/Help! Help!/Consuela Biaz/Plantaion Boy/Bye Bye Bluebird/Bang Bang Lulu/Mother & Child Reunion  (Frank Farian Corporation).

CD 3:

El Lute/Feliz Navidad/Heart Of Gold/Calendar Song/Hold On I’m Coming (Precious Wilson)/Malaika/King Of The Road/No Time To Lose/Somewhere In The World/Sad Movies/I’m Born Again/Exodus/Wild Planet/New York City/Silly Confusion/Zion’s Daughter/The Carnival Is Over/Felicidad/10.000 Lightyears/We Kill The World (Don’t Kill The World).

CD 4:

Gotta Go Home/Never Change Lovers In The Middle Of The Night/The Summer MegaMix/Oceans Of Fantasy/I Feel Good/Living Like A Moviestar/I’m Alive  (Frank Farian Corporation)/Take The Heat Off Me/I Shall Sing/Perfect/Eye Dance/Dizzy/Dancing In The Streets/Love For Sale/Two Of Us/He Was A Steppenwolf/Future World/Sample City/Ribbons Of Blue/Goodbye My Friend.

CD 5:

Mary’s Boy Child – Oh My Lord/Got A Man On My Mind/Time To Remember/A Woman Can Change A Man/Breakaway/Where Did You Go/Little Drummer Boy/When A Child Is Born/Silent Lover/No More Chain Gang/Motherless Child/Jimmy/Stories/The Alibama/Strange/Barbarella Fortuneteller/Lovin’ Or Leavin’/Give It Up/White Christmas/Ride To Agadir.


Italian “Hits and Classics” (27th November 2013)

A new 3-CD box from Italy. Boney M 2013 Hits and Classics

Once again a strange mixture of original material, remixes and of course edits.

The tracking lists show no sign of interest from the record company. They have just used the U.K. 2CD compilation “The Essential” from 2012 split up on 3 CD’s with a different running order.

The Italian record company hasn’t even bothered to come up with a new cover. They have already used this one on the “Un’ora Con” release earlier this year.

Really wonder about the title “Hits and Classics” as well. That’s surely not referring to “Megamix”, “Barbra Streisand”, “Ma Baker ’99”, “Daddy Cool ’99” etc.

One can only wonder when Sony Music will start to demand some quality control towards the Boney M. releases?

Why isn’t the Boney M. catalogue given the same royal treat as the ABBA catalogue?

Disc: 1

1.I’m Born Again/2.Daddy Cool/3.Hooray! Hooray! It’ s a Holi-Holiday/4.Gotta Go Home/5.Megamix/6.Jambo – Hakuna Matata (No Problems)/7.Gadda-Da-Vida/8.Felicidad (Margherita)/9.Baby Do You Wanna Bump/10.Barbra Streisand (The Most Wanted Woman)/11.No Woman No Cry/12.Belfast

Disc: 2

1.Ma Baker/2.Painter Man/3.Rivers of Babylon/4.Mary’s Boy Child / Oh My Lord/5.Brown Girl in the Ring/6.El Lute/7.Bahama Mama/8.Sunny/9.Children of Paradise/10.We Kill the World (Don’t Kill the World)/11.Malaika/12.Going Back West

Disc: 3

1.My Friend Jack/2.Kalimba de Luna/3.Somewhere in the World/4.Happy Song/5.Young, Free and Single/6.My Chérie Amour/7.Stories/8.Rasputin/9.I See a Boat on the River/10.Brown Girl in the Ring/11.Daddy Cool ’99/12.Ma Baker


“Platinum Hits” – another let-down (17th October 2013)

Boney M 2013 Platinum HitsDespite having a very nice cover,  this compilation is a let-down because of the many edits and remixes used.

If you want a Boney M. compilation go after “The Collection” (3 CD’s) or “Let It All Be Music – The Party Album” (2 CD’s). If you are into the Christmas material, then go for “Feliz Navidad – A Wonderful Christmas” (2 CD), despite having a totally wrong photo for a Christmas release.

On the Demon Music Group web-site, they have the following statement about their Music Club Deluxe series: “With over a million units sold and more than a 100 titles, Music Club Deluxe is DMG’s outstanding mid-priced 2CD single artist range. It boasts top quality repertoire from household names with selections and sleeve notes by experts for novices and fans alike and striking artwork with slip-cased packaging.” Because of that one can only wonder about why the liner-notes of this compilation have several mistakes during the storyline and why edits and remixed versions have been used.

There are edits and remixes of the following tracks:

“Nightflight To Venus” (edit), “Sunny” (edit), “Ma Baker” (edit), “Rasputin” (edit), “Belfast” (1992 version), “No Women No Cry” (edit), “Heart Of Gold” (edit/remix 2000), “Love For Sale” (edit/1993 version), “Somewhere In The World” (edit), “Rivers Of Babylon” (edit), “Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi- Holiday” (edit),  “Kalimba De Luna” (edit/remix), “Oceans Of Fantasy” (edit), “El Lute” (edit), “Dreadlock Holiday” (remix, TopDeck) and “Ribbons Of Blue” (edit).

It has to be added that strangely enough, Demon Music Group has managed to use the original single-version of the U.K. 1978 Christmas chart-topper “Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord”. Unfortunately the rest of the top hits are all edits.


“Platinum Hits” (12th September 2013)

The release date for “Platinum Hits” has changed from 30th September to 7th October 2013.


 3 DVD-Box “Das Beste Aus Dem Musikladen – Vol. 2” (7th September 2013)

Set for release on 27th September 2013.

Boney M 2013 MusikLaden Vol2

Featuring Boney M. with an alternate version of “Gadda-Da-Vida” as well as the performances of:

“Daddy Cool”, “Sunny”, “Ma Baker”, “Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi- Holiday”, Gotta Go Home”, “I’m Born Again”, “I See A Boat On The River”, “Children Of Paradise”, Consuela Biaz”, Felicidad” and “Jambo”.

Also including a few other Farian productions: Gilla with “Bend Me Shape Me”, Eruption: “Leave A Light” and Precious Wilson with “Cry To Me”.


“Platinum Hits” – Cover (6th September 2013)

Boney M 2013 Platinum Hits


New Double CD – “Platinum Hits”  (1st September 2013)

A new double CD has been set for release on 30th September 2013.

Unfortunately the compilation seems not to be anything special.

The tracking list is set to be:

CD 1

Nightflight To Venus/Daddy Cool/Sunny/Ma Baker /Rasputin/Painter Man/Belfast/No Woman No Cry/Heart Of Gold/Have You Ever Seen The Rain/Love For Sale/Dancing In The Streets (long version)/Exodus (Noah’s Ark 2001)/He Was A Steppenwolf/Future World/Somewhere In The World/When A Child Is Born/Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord

CD 2

Rivers Of Babylon/Gotta Go Home/Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi- Holiday/I Feel Good/Kalimba De Luna/Oceans Of Fantasy/El Lute/Dreadlock Holiday/Ribbons Of Blue/Bahama Mama/My Cherie Amour/Baby, Do You Wanna Bump?/Eye Dance/I’m Born Again/We Kill The World (Don’t Kill The World)/Young, Free & Single/Got Cha Loco/Brown Girl In The Ring


“In Concert” DVD  (12th August 2013)

Boney M 2013 In ConcertOriginally set for release on 10th January 2013 on both CD and DVD, but now rescheduled for 11th September 2013 on DVD only.

The DVD has now been given a cover. Of course with a photo that was taken years before the show. At least they could have used a photo from the show.

The “Fantastic Boney M.” show from 1979 has already been released as a part of the “Complete Boney M.” box-set.

Another release of this show seems a bit odd. It’s the kind of show that Sony Music and Farian should have decided to keep in their archive.

Also calling it “In Concert” seems quite wrong, as it was a playback show/special recorded for ZDF to promote their new album “Oceans Of Fantasy” at the time.

This release will just convince even more people that Boney M. wasn’t a live-act and didn’t sing live. We, the fans, of course know that Boney M. was a real colorful live-act and surely sang completely live during their concerts.

A real live concert would have been preferred instead of this release. Sony Music or Farian surely must have some hidden recordings in their archives. They found the Vienna concert from 1st November 1977 (released as “Live in Hamburg”) and we would like some more of that kind, please.


“Un’ora Con”  (8th July 2013)

Boney M 2013 Un Ora Con

1 I’m Born Again (4:17) /2 Daddy Cool (3:26)/3 Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi- Holiday (3:55)/4 Gotta Go Home (2:30)/5 A Moment Of Love (3:20)/6 Consuela Biaz (5:19)/7 Somewhere In The World (5:08)/8 No Women No Cry (4:20)/9 Ma Baker (4:34)/10 Rivers Of Babylon (4:18)/11 Sunny (4:01)/12 Children Of Paradise (4:28)/13 Kalimba De Luna (4:13)/14 Belfast (3:29)/15 Rasputin (maxi version 07:33)


“Music & Video Stars” CD and DVD  (24th May 2013)

A new double set with a CD and a DVD is set for release on 28th June 2013.

Boney M 2013 Music & VideoStars Cover

Nothing new of course:


1 Baby Do You Wanna Bump/2 Daddy Cool/3 Sunny/4 Ma Baker/5 Belfast/6 Rivers Of Babylon/7 Rasputin/8 Mary’s Boy Child – Oh My Lord/9 Gotta Go Home/10 El Lute/11 Calender Song (January, February, March…)/12 I See A Boat On The River (7” Version)/13 Bahama Mama/14 Felicidad (Margherita)/15 Kalimba De Luna/16 Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi- Holiday/17 Barbra Streisand Vs. Marilyn Monroe (Club Mix)


1 Rivers Of Babylon/2 Daddy Cool/3 Ma Baker/4 Rasputin/5 Brown Girl In The Ring/6 Sunny/7 Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi- Holiday/8 Painter Man/9 Mary’s Boy Child – Oh My Lord/10 No Women No Cry/11 Belfast/12 El Lute/13 We Kill The World/14 Felicidad/15 Baby Do You Wanna Bump/16 Kalimba De Luna/17 Still I’m Sad/18 Gotta Go Gome/19 Happy Song/20 MegaMix


“All Time Best” Cover  (8th February 2013)

Of course with a photo shot that has been used too many times already.

Boney M 2013 All Time Best

So hard to understand why it isn’t possible for Sony Music to come up with a cover where the photo hasn’t been used before.


 “All Time Best” CD  (25th December 2012)

A new compilation called “All Time Best (Reclam Musik Edition)” is set for release on 1st March 2013 by Sony Music.

No tracking-list is available yet, but one wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a rerelease of “The Magic Of Boney M.” from 2006.

Anyway, let’s hope for the best…


 “In Concert” on DVD and CD  (10th December 2012)

According to several sites on the internet the Immortal label will release the TV-show “Fantastic Boney M.” from 1979 on DVD as well as an audio CD. It will be 2 separate releases.

They are set for release on 10th January 2013.

The “Fantastic Boney M.” show from 1979 has already been released as a part of the “Complete Boney M.” box-set.

Another release of this show seems a bit odd. It’s the kind of show that Sony Music and Farian should have decided to keep in their archive.

Also calling it “In Concert” seems quite wrong, as it was a playback show/special recorded for ZDF to promote their new album “Oceans Of Fantasy” at the time.

This release will just convince even more people that Boney M. wasn’t a live-act and didn’t sing live. We, the fans, of course know that Boney M. was a real colorful live-act and surely sang completely live during their concerts.

A real live concert would have been preferred instead of this release. Sony Music or Farian surely must have some hidden recordings in their archives. They found the Vienna concert from 1st November 1977 (released as “Live in Hamburg”) and we would like some more of that kind, please.


 2 in 1 “2 Original Album-Klassiker”  (9th December 2012)

Set for release on 11th January 2013. Released by Sony Music Germany.

Boney M 2012 2in1


New Boney M. CD “Classics” (12th September 2012)

Boney M 2012 Classics

Set for release on 5th October 2012. Released by Sony Music Finland.

1. Daddy Cool/2. Rivers Of Babylon/3. Rasputin/4. Sunny/5. Ma Baker/6. Gotta Go Home/7. No Women No Cry/8. El Lute/9. Have You Ever Seen The Rain?/10. Malaika/11. Heart Of Gold/12. Motherless Child/13. Dreadlock Holiday/14. Exodus/15. Dizzy


Different Covers for “The Essential”  (25th August 2012)

Has “The Essential” been given a new cover?

Boney M 2012 Essential Alternate CoverBoney M 2012 The Essential


New Boney M. CD “The Best Of Boney M. (Krone Edition)” (19th August 2012)

Released by Sony Music (Austria) on 31st August. A re-release of “The Magic Of Boney M.” from 2006.

Boney M 2012 The Best Of Krone Edition


Frisco Disco & Boney M. “Ma Baker” (14th August 2012)

Set for release on 17th August 2012.

Boney M 2012 FriscoDisco


 “The Essential” New Double-CD (31st July 2012)

New Boney M. compilation set for release on 12th October 2012.

CD 1:

1 Baby Do You Wanna Bump (Single Version – Part 1) 3:42/2 Daddy Cool 03:26/3 Sunny 04:01/4 No Woman No Cry – (Album Version) 04:20/5 Ma Baker 04:34/6 Belfast 03:29/7 Rivers Of Babylon 04:18/8 Brown Girl In The Ring 04:00/9 Rasputin 04:25/10 Mary’s Boy Child – Oh My Lord 04:01/11 Painter Man 03:10/12 Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi-Holiday 03:55/13 Gotta Go Home 02:30/14 El Lute 03:58/15 I’m Born Again – (Single Version) 04:17/16 Bahama Mama 03:16/17 I See A Boat On The River – (7″ Version) 04:40/18 My Friend Jack 04:29/19 Children Of Paradise 04:28

CD 2:

1 Felicidad (Margherita) – (7″ Version) 04:35/2 Gadda-Da-Vida – (Single Version) 05:05/3 Malaika 03:27/4 We Kill The World (Don’t Kill The World) 06:28/5 Going Back West 04:15/6 Jambo – Hakuna Matata (No Problems) 03:39/7 Somewhere In The World 04:26/8 Kalimba De Luna – (7″ Version) 04:32/9 Happy Song 03:56/10 My Chérie Amour 04:04/11 Young, Free And Single 04:18/12 Stories – (Radio Mix) 04:16/13 Megamix – (Extended Version) 07:02/14 Brown Girl In The Ring – (Radio Version/ Remix ’93) 03:58/15 Ma Baker – (Boney M. vs. Sash! – Extended Radio Edit) 04:54/16 Daddy Cool ’99 – (Radio Edit) 03:51/17 Barbra Streisand (The Most Wanted Woman) – (Radio Mix) 03:11


 “Best Of Boney M.” New CD (31st July 2012)

New Boney M. compilation set for release on 24th August 2012.

Boney M 2012 Best Of

1 Baby Do You Wanna Bump (Album Version) 06:53/2 Daddy Cool 03:26/3 Sunny 04:01/4 Ma Baker 04:34/5 Belfast 03:29/6 Rivers Of Babylon 04:18/7 Rasputin (Album Version) 05:51/8 Mary’s Boy Child – Oh My Lord (Single Version) 05:43/9 Gotta Go Home 03:45/10 El Lute 05:53/11 Calendar Song (January, February, March…) (02:37)/12 I See A Boat On The River (04:40)/13 Bahama Mama (03:16)/14 Felicidad (Margherita) (04:39)/15 Kalimba De Luna (07:18)/16 Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi- Holiday (3:55)/17 Barbra Streisand vs. Marilyn Monroe (3:11)


“The Christmas Mix – All The Hits!” (31st July 2012)

Boney M 2012 The Christmas Mix

“The Christmas Mix – All The Hits!” set to be released again on 28th September 2012.

1 Christmas Medley (06:25)/2 White Christmas (03:21)/3 Joy To The World (02:32)/4 Jingle Bells (02:53)/5 Mary’s Boy Child – Oh My Lord (03:41)/6 Petit Papa Noël (01:41)/7 Zion’s Daughter (03:50)/8 When A Child Is Born 03:19)/9 I’ll Be Home For Christmas (03:43)/10 Feliz Navidad (03:07)/11 Little Drummer Boy (04:21)/12 Oh Come All Ye Faithful (03:41)/13 Auld Lang Syne (02:34)/14 Christmas Medley (07:51)/15 Boney M. On 45 (Hit-Mix) (04:47)


Das War Kult! Platte Küche – 3 DVD’s  (27th July 2012)

Featuring Boney M. with “Nightflight To Venus” and other artists from the seventies.

Boney M 2012 Platten Kuche

Released on August 3rd 2012.


Premiere of Boney M. Documentary  (22nd March 2012)

“Boney M. Aus Lämmerspiel”

We have received the following message from Nestfilm:

Dear Boney M. Fans,

finally, we finished the documentary about Boney M., where Liz. Marcia, Maizie and Bobby will be featured. And where we looked about the shoulder of Frank farian, producing his Musical “Daddy Cool” in 2004-2007.

And where we visit Liz on her Germany-tour.

The film will have its premiere on the “Lichter-Filmtage” in Frankfurt/Germany.

It will be played on Wednesday, the 28. of March in the cinema “Cinestar-Metropolis” at 8 pm. After the screening, there will be a little party at the festivalcafé.

Unfortenately, the film will be in german language, so far.

BoneyM 2012 Aus Lammerspiel


“Best Of Disco” Cover (6th March 2012)

The timings have changed for “Gotta Go Home” and “Felicidad”. Unfortunately there still seems to be edits included.

Boney M 2012 Best Of Disco

  • 01.
    Boney M. – Daddy Cool 03:26
    Boney M. – Sunny 03:56
    Boney M. – Ma Baker 04:03
    Boney M. – Belfast 03:29
    Boney M. – Rivers Of Babylon 04:15
    Boney M. – Rasputin 04:25
    Boney M. – Hooray! Hooray! It’ s A Holi-Holiday 03:55
    Boney M. – Bahama Mama 03:16
    Boney M. – Malaika 03:27
    Boney M. – Brown Girl In The Ring 04:00
    Boney M. – Mary’s Boy Child / Oh My Lord 04:01
    Boney M. – El Lute 03:58
    Boney M. – Gotta Go Home 03:45
    Boney M. – Felicidad (Margherita) – (7″ Version) 04:35


  “Best Of Disco” Tracking-List  (23rd Februar 2012)

“Best Of Disco” released on 23rd March 2012.

Once again a compilation by Sony Music with edits, showing that they aren’t interested in their own releases at all.

When will they learn to compile a satisfying Boney M. compilation on their own?

1 Daddy Cool 3 Min. 26 Sek.
2 Sunny 3 Min. 56 Sek.
3 Ma Baker 4 Min. 3 Sek.
4 Belfast 3 Min. 25 Sek.
5 Rivers Of Babylon 4 Min. 15 Sek.
6 Rasputin 4 Min. 25 Sek.
7 Hooray! Hooray! It’ s A Holi-Holiday 3 Min. 55 Sek.
8 Bahama Mama – Single Version 3 Min. 35 Sek.
9 Malaika – Original Version 5 Min. 2 Sek.
10 Brown Girl In The Ring 4 Min. 0 Sek.
11 Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord 5 Min. 9 Sek.
12 El Lute 3 Min. 58 Sek.
13 Gotta Go Home 2 Min. 30 Sek.
14 Felicidad (Margherita) 2 Min. 50 Sek.


 Neue Oldies Braucht Das Land Vol. 5: “Hits & Raritäteten Aus Der Disco” (11th Februar 2012)

A new double compilation called “Neue Hits Braucht Das Land – Vol. 5 – Hits & Raritäten Aus Der Disco” has been released on 10th February 2012.

It’s including several Boney M. related tracks, such as Precious Wilson “I Don’t Know” (Album version), Gilla “Ich Brenne”, Eruption “Runaway” (Long version) and Chris Denning “Jamaica Farewell”.

Also including Boney M. with “A Woman Can Change A Man”.

You’ll however find one more track on the CD than stated on the cover. An instrumental version of “Rasputin” with Boney M. has been included as a hidden track.

The CD has been compiled by Frank Eberlein and released by Sony Music.

Boney M 2012 Neue Hits Vol5

 Disc: 1
1. The Best Disco In Town – Ritchie Family, The
2. Devil Eyes – Mclean, Penny
3. Don’t Come Back – Straker Band, Nick
4. I Don’t Know – Long Album Version – Wilson, Precious
5. Ein Mann Wie Du (Lay Love On You) – Fernandez, Luisa
6. Going Through The Motions – Hot Chocolate
7. Rio – Maywood
8. Zanzibar – Arabesque
9. The Eve Of The War – Disco Remix – Wayne, Jeff / Hayward, Justin
10. I Feel So Good (Ich Bin Wie Du) – Rosenberg, Marianne
11. Lost In Music – 2006 Remastered Single Edit – Sister Sledge
12. Tonight – Kool & The Gang
13. Radio – A La Carte
14. Ich Brenne – Gilla
15. Runaway – Long Version – Eruption
16. Magnifique Part I – Magnifique
17. Village People – Village People
18. Meteor Man – Jackson, Dee D.
19. Lady Of The Night – Summer, Donna
 Disc: 2
1. Hier Ist Das Leben – Kramer, Su
2. You See The Trouble With Me – Album Version – White, Barry
3. The Runner – Three Degrees, The
4. Follow Me – Original Single Version – Lear, Amanda
5. Slice Me Nice – Slice Remix – Fancy
6. This Is My Life – Kitt, Eartha
7. Torture – Album Version – The Jacksons
8. Eat You Up – Gold, Angie
9. Spend The Night With Me – Silver Convention
10. A Woman Can Change A Man – Boney M.
11. Fire On The Water – Long Version – O.R.S./Orlando Riva Sound
12. Koochie-Koo – Baccara
13. Try Me (Magic Fly) – Joyce
14. Auf Engel Schießt Man Nicht – Kreis
15. You Set My Heart On Fire – Charles, Tina
16. Ooh Shooby Doo Doo Lang – Aneka
17. Mellow Lovin’ – Cheeks, Judy
18. Jamaica Farewell – Denning, Chris
19. Hidden Track! “Rasputin” (Instrumental Version) – Boney M.


 Boney M. “Die Party Box” Tracking-List (6th February 2012)


Boney M 2012 Party Box

CD 1.

Daddy Cool/Sunny/Ma Baker/Bahama Mama/I Feel Good/Let It All Be Music/Painter Man/Rasputin/My Cherie Amour/Dizzy/Bye Bye Bluebird/Calendar Song [January, February, March…]/Gloria, Can You Waddle/Lady Godiva.

CD 2.

Brown Girl In The Ring/Felicidad [Margherita]/Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi-Holiday/Kalimba De Luna/No Woman No Cry/Take The Heat Off Me/Young, Free And Single/Motherless Child/A woman Can Change A Man/Love For Sale/My Friend Jack/Ribbons Of Blue/Babysitter/Living Like A Moviestar.

CD 3.

Rivers Of Babylon/I See A Boat On River/Gotta Go Home/Gadda-Da-Vida/Happy Song/Felicidad America [Obama – Obama ]/Dreadlock Holiday/Children Of Paradise/Bel Ami/Barbarella Fortuneteller/Da La De La/Malaika/Daddy Cool 2001/Belfast/6 Years Of Boney M. Hits [Boney M. On 45] Medley.


 Boney M. “Die Party Box”/”Best Of Disco” (28th January 2012)

A CD called “Die Party Box” is set for release on 23rd March 2012 according to Sony Music.

Other sites are stating a CD called “Best Of Disco” for release on 23rd March 2012.


Boney M. “The Christmas Mix” (17th October 2011)

New album available on 28th October 2011.

Boney M 2012 The Christmas Mix

1. Christmas Medley/2. White Christmas/3. Joy To The World/4. Jingle Bells/5. Mary’s Boy Child/6. Petit Papa Noël/7. Zion’s Daughter/8. When A Child Is Born/9. I’ll Be Home For Christmas/10. Feliz Navidad/11. Little Drummer Boy/12. Oh Come All Ye Faithful/13. Auld Lang Syne/14. Christmas Medley/15. Boney M on 45.


 Boney M. & Kool & The Gang (30th September 2011)

Tracking-list “Back To Back”



Ma Baker – Daddy Cool – Gotta Go Home – Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi-Holiday – Sunny – Rivers Of Babylon – Rasputin – Painter Man – Belfast – Brown Girl In The Ring – Consuela Biaz – I See A Boat On The River – Felicidad (Margherita) – Kalimba De Luna – Baby Do You Wanna Bump – I’m Born Again – El Lute – Malaika – Children Of Paradise – Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord


Celebration – Ladies Night – Let’s Go Dancin’ (Ooh la la la) – Hi de hi hi de ho – Fresh – Get Down On It – Big fun – Take It To The Top – Straight Ahead – Tonight – Stone Love – Misled – Victory – Take My Heart (You Can Have It) – Funky Stuff – Jungle Boogie – Too Hot – Peacemaker – Joanna – Cherish


 3 DVD-Box “The Complete DVD Collection” (23rd September 2011)

boney m-2011-the_complete-dvd-collection

DVD1: “The Magic Of Boney M”.

DVD 2: “Fantastic Boney M”.:Live November ´77 aus dem Hamburger CCH mit allen grossen Hits von “Daddy Cool”, “Sunny”, “Belfast”, “Ma Baker” bis “Love For Sale”. Dazu das TV Special “Ein Sound geht um die Welt – Boney M. in Jamaika” von 1981. Spielzeit 85 Min.

DVD3: “Legendary TV Performances (ZDF Kultnacht)”.


 Boney M. & Kool & The Gang (22nd September 2011)

A double CD called “Back To Back” with Boney M. and Kool & The Gang is set for release on 30th September 2011 by Universal Music.


3 DVD-Box “The Complete DVD Collection” (25th August 2011)

According to a 3 DVD-Box “The Complete DVD Collection” will be released by Sony on 14th October 2011.

No tracking-list is available yet. Price has been set to EUR 21,99.


“Original Album Classics”  (28th June 2011)

Boney M_Original_Album_Classics

According to a box called “Original Album Classics” will be released on 1st August 2011. 


 “Ultimate 2.0” – Asian Edition (8th June 2011)

An Asian edition of the double CD “Ultimate 2.0” is set for release on 28th June. The Asian edition will be including “Bahama Mama” instead of “Happy Song”.

CD 1

1. Daddy Cool/2. Rasputin/3. Rivers Of Babylon/4. Ma Baker/5. Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi- Holiday/6. Sunny/7. Bahama Mama (Single Version)/8. Belfast/9. Brown Girl In The Ring/10. Kalimba De Luna/11. Felicidad (Magherita)/12. Mary’s Boy Child – Oh My Lord/13. Baby Do You Wanna Bump/14. Painter Man/15. Gotta Go Home/16. No Women No Cry (Album Version)/17. Sunny (Mousse T. Radio Mix)/18. A Moment Of Love.

CD 2

1 Barbra Streisand – Boney M. Mega Mashup-mix-medley Vs. La Bouche, No Mercy, Chicken Soup (128 Bpm)/2.  Boney M. Mega Mashup-mix-medley Vs. No Mercy, Eruption, La Bouche (123 Bpm)/3. Ma Baker (Club Mix)/4. Daddy Cool (Club Mix) /5. Sunny (Club Mix)/6. Rivers Of Babylon (Club Mix)/7. Gotta Go Home (Club Mix)/8. Rasputin (Club Mix)/9. Happy Song (Club Mix)/10. Barbra Streisand vs. Marilyn Monroe (Club Mix)/11. Who The F**k Is WikiLeaks/12. Be Bop A Lula (House Mix / Radio Edit)/13. Barbra Streisand (Radio Edit)


Tracking-list  “ZDF Kultnacht Presents: Boney M.” (5th June 2011)

Boney M_Legendary_TV_Performances

1 Intro & Mega Mix (Rivers Of Babylon/Sunny/Ma Baker/Daddy Cool/Rasputin)/2. Interview Frank Farian/3. Daddy Cool/4. No Woman No Cry/5. Sunny/6. Interview Frank Farian/7. Ma Baker/8. Belfast/9. Brown Girl In The Ring/10. Rivers Of Babylon/11. Interview Frank Farian/12. Mary’s Boy Child – Oh My Lord/13. Rasputin/14. Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi-Holiday/15. Ribbons Of Blue/16. Interview Frank Farian/17. El Lute/ 18. Bahama Mama/19. I’m Born Again/20. Calendar Song/21. Interview Frank Farian/22. Still Im Sad/23. Painter Man/24. Two Of Us/25. Gotta Go Home/26. Oceans Of Fantasy/27. Interview Frank Farian/28. I See A Boat On The River/29. Children Of Paradise/30. Boonoonoonoos-Medley/31. Malaika/32. Interview Frank Farian/33. The Carnival Is Over/34. Kalimba De Luna/35. Somewhere In The World/36. Happy Song (Boney M. with Bobby Farrell and The School Rebels)/37. My Cherie Amour/38. Interview Frank Farian/39. Dreadlock Holiday/40. Daddy Cool – The Musical


Cover Layout “ZDF Kultnacht Presents: Boney M.” (27th May 2011)

Boney M_Legendary_TV_Performances


 New CD “Der Hitmix” (15th May 2011)


Der Hitmix” is now available. It’s including the remix album “The Best Of 10 Years” from 1986, the medley “Boney M. On 45 (long version)” from 1981 and the “Boney M. Mega Mashup-Mix-Medley Vs. No Mercy, Eruption & La Bouche” from the “Boney M. Goes Club” album.


New DVD “ZDF Kultnacht Presents: Boney M.” (14th May 2011)

According to Sony a new DVD called “ZDF Kultnacht Presents: Boney M. – Legendary TV Show” is set to be released on 17th June 2011.The DVD will probably include the TV-Show “Kultnacht: Boney M.” aired on ZDF back in December 2006.


“The Collection” (3CD Box)  (28th February 2011)


Will be re-released on 4th March 2011 in a metal box, but with the same photo on cover.


Boney M. Fan Meeting In Berlin 26th February 2011  (30th January 2011)

The final arrangements for the Boney M. Fan Meeting in Berlin on 26th February are finished. Special Guest Star: Marcia Barrett

Click on the photo above to read the info sheet. Will open as a PDF-file.


 Re-release of “The Collection (3CD Box)” (28th January 2011)

According to Sony Music the 3CD Box “The Collection” will be re-released as “Boney M.” on 4th March 2011.


“Barbra Streisand – The Album” – New Release Date (28th January 2011)

Boney M_Babra_Streisand

The release date for “Barbra Streisand – The Album” has now changed once again. New release date is 18th February 2011.


Boney M. Fan Meeting In Berlin February 2011  (25th Jamuary 2011)

Final info about the upcoming Fan Meeting in Berlin on 26th February 2011 will be coming real soon – stay tuned! More info on or


Boney M.  Interview From “Reporting From Holland” Early 1977 – (4th January 2011)


 Bobby Farrell – (30th December 2010)


It’s with sadness that we have been informed that Bobby Farrell is no longer among us. Bobby passed away on 30th December while being on tour in Russia.

Our thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends.


 “Barbra Streisand – The Album” – New Release Date (26th December 2010)

The release date for “Barbra Streisand – The Album” has now changed from 21st January to 28th January 2011.


“Barbra Streisand – The Album” – Tracking-List (21st December 2010)

An alternative tracking-list has been announced today. The release date is still 21st January 2011.

1 Barbra Streisand (The Most Wanted Woman)/2 Ma Baker/3 Daddy Cool/4 Sunny/5 Marilyn Monroe/6 Happy Song/7 Sweet Dreams/8 Be My Lover/9 Where Do You Go/10 Gotta Go Home /11. Boney M. Mega Mashup-Mix-Medley vs. No Mercy, La Bouche – 123 BPM  (Rivers Of Babylon/Missing/Where Do You Go/Kalimba De Luna/I See A Boat On The River/One Way Ticket/Sunny/Sweet Dreams)/12. Ma Baker – Club Mix/13 Daddy Cool – Club Mix /14 Sunny – Club Mix/15 Rivers Of Babylon – Club Mix/16 Gotta Go Home – Club Mix/17 Rasputin – Club Mix/18 Children Of Paradise – Club Mix/19 Marilyn Monroe – Club Mix/20 Who The F… Is Wikileaks/ 21 Be Bop A Lula – House Mix  (Radio Edit)/22 Barbra Streisand (The Most Wanted Woman) – Videoclip


 “Barbra Streisand – Boney M. Goes Club” – Tracking-List (20th December 2010)

According to Sony Music the new Boney M. CD will now be called “Barbra Streisand” with the subtitle “Boney M. Goes Club”. The release date has changed from 7th to 21st January 2011.Tracking-List:

1 Gotta Go Home Boney M. 15 Min. 43 Sek.
2 Sweet Dreams Boney M. 14 Min. 7 Sek.
3 Ma Baker – Club Mix Boney M. 4 Min. 51 Sek.
4 Daddy Cool – Club Mix Boney M. 4 Min. 43 Sek.
5 Sunny – Club Mix Boney M. 4 Min. 10 Sek.
6 Rivers Of Babylon – Club Mix Boney M. 4 Min. 19 Sek.
7 Gotta Go Home – Club Mix Boney M. 4 Min. 22 Sek.
8 Rasputin – Club Mix Boney M. 4 Min. 30 Sek.
9 Children Of Paradise – Club Mix Boney M. 4 Min. 33 Sek.
10 Marilyn Monroe – Club Mix Boney M.Boney M. 3 Min. 11 Sek.
11 Who The F… Is Wikileaks Boney M. vs. Chicken Soup 4 Min. 0 Sek.
12 Be Bop A Lula – House Mix / Radio Edit ZZ Queen vs. Boney M. 3 Min. 46 Sek.
13 Barbra Streisand (The Most Wanted Wom… Boney M. 3 Min. 11 Sek.


 Two New Boney M. Download Singles  (4th December 2010)


1. Barbra Streisand (The Most Wanted Woman) (radio mix).
2. Barbra Streisand (The Most Wanted Woman) (club mix).
3. Marilyn Monroe vs. Barbra Streisand (club mix).
4. Marilyn Monroe vs. Barbra Streisand (radio mix).
5. Marilyn Monroe (radio mix).


1. Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord (4:01).
2. Still I’m Sad (4:38).

One can only ask why they haven’t used the original single-version of “Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord” for this release?


New Boney M. CD Listed At (23rd November 2010)

According to a new Boney M. CD will be released on 7th January 2011 called “Barbra Streisand – The Album”. The price is EUR 7,99 and the label is FARIAN.


Marcia Barrett To Take Part In Boney M. Fan Meeting In Berlin February 2011  (21st November 2010)

It’s with great pleasure that we are able to inform you that the one and only: Marcia Barrett will take part in the Fan Meeting on 26th February 2011.

Yes it’s true! Marcia and her husband, Marcus, will stop by to say hello and talk to everyone taking part in the Fan Meeting. There will of course also be a possibility for taking a few photos during her visit as well as asking her questions. Marcia says that she is looking really forward to meet the fans of Boney M.

More news will follow as things develop.

More info at: or


 Boney M. Fan Meeting In Berlin February 2011  (4th November 2010)

Berlín 2011


Cover  “Feliz Navidad” 2CD  (30th October 2010) 

Boney M_Feliz_Navidad_2010_CD


“Feliz Navidad” Tracking-list  (6th October 2010)

“Feliz Navidad” will be released as a double CD on 12th November 2010. The double CD will include:

1 Little Drummer Boy 4: 21/ 2 The First Noel 3: 03/ 3 I’m Born Again 4: 08/ 4 We Kill The World (Don’t Kill The World) 6: 28/ 5 Mary’s Boy Child – Oh My Lord 05: 43/ 6 Feliz Navidad 3: 07/ 7 Oh Christmas Tree 2: 54/ 8 Christmas Medley 7: 51 (Silent Night, Holy Night (Stille Nacht…)/Snow Falls Over The Ground/Hear Ye The Message/Sweet Bells/ 9 I’ll Be Home For Christmas 3: 43/ 10 Jingle Bells 3: 28/ 11 Calendar Song (January, February, March. 2: 37/ 12 Malaika 3: 27/ 13 Darkness Is Falling 2: 02/ 14 Oh Come All Ye Faithful 3: 41/ 15 Joy To The World 2: 32/ 16 Heart Of Gold 4: 00.

1 When A Child Is Born 3: 19/ 2 Petit Papa Noel 1: 41/ 3 Somewhere In The World 4: 38/ 4 Exodus (Noah’s Ark 2001) 5: 19/ 5 Hark The Herald Angel Sing 3: 03/ 6 White Christmas 4: 19/ 7 Jingle Bells 2: 53/ 8 Auld Lang Syne 2: 34/ 9 Mary’s Boy Child – Oh My Lord – 12″  6: 20/ 10 Christmas-Medley 6: 25 (Holy Night/Snow Falls Over The Ground/Hear Ye The Message)/ 11 Winter Fairy-Tale – Instrumental 2: 58/ 12 A Moment Of Love 3: 20/ 13 Zion’s Daughter 3: 50/ 14 Rivers Of Babylon 4: 18/ 15 Feliz Navidad 2: 21/ 16 My Cherie Amour 4: 04


Frank Eberlein Interview: “Hit Story”  (12th September 2010)

Frank, you have been compiling the newly released 4 CD box-set “Hit Story” with Boney M. When did you first hear about the project and can you tell us a little about the idea behind the project?

It was in June this year, that Sony Music asked me, if I once again could compile a new CD-box with Boney M. This time it was to be a four CD-box, for TV commercials only. We all know these commercials which often are a little intrusive, where the viewer is told to “Call right away and you’ll get this unique box-set, which can’t be found in any shops. It costs “only” 50 EUR!  And if you call within the next ten minutes, then you’ll get something very exclusive as a bonus!” and so on. There are various programs on television and on radio, which are specialized in this sort of shopping. You aren’t forced to think positive of it, but it’s a part of today’s media world. When the advertising company asked Sony for such a box-set with Boney M, why should Sony say no to such a suggestion, when there are sold thousands of such items and Sony at the same time could make good money on it completely safe? I was of course excited and immediately said yes to the assignment; because I knew, that there still is Boney M. material in the archive, which still hasn’t been released on CD.

Did the original idea for the “Hit Story” project change during the working process?

Yes it did. Originally we had talked about many rarities and I had proposed to include a CD with all the early versions, although I knew from my previous work on the other Boney M. box-sets, it wouldn’t  be easy – or maybe even impossible – to find the master tapes of all these rarities. And during the first days we went on with this idea to include the early sought after versions. But then the idea was rejected again, because of two reasons: We couldn’t find a single master-tape, although we this time not only were searching for the original singles and LP-tapes, but also for alternative tapes of several LP samplers from the days when the songs were recently released. We have actually found several master tapes of various HANSA-LP samplers, where the timings on the tapes were matching the early versions – and I thought: Wow, here are finally some of the early versions! But when these tapes were played, it turned out to be normal well-known versions. It was pretty frustrating.  The second reason not to use the rarities on this release, was that we came to think about the target audience, who would buy this box-set. The target audience isn’t the real Boney M. fans, but normal people who never go to a record store, who never search the internet to buy anything there and who still haven’t anything with Boney M. on CD at home. With this box they’ll get a good look into the group’s history and all the successes. These people do not appreciate to get the alternative versions. Therefore it would have been a pity, if you had offered all of these rarities on CD for the first time, exclusively for this target audience. So we decided to use the already known material for this release. Yet I managed to include a few alternative versions that were left unused from the last time we compiled Boney M. CD’s. If the early versions one day will show up, I’m sure that there will be compiled a new CD or a new box which is aimed for the shops.

Frank Farian can be seen in the TV-commercial for the box-set. Did he take part in the project himself?

Not too much. He wanted, of course, as always, to check and approve the tracking list. At first I had mixed the songs pretty crazy and colorful. It was also all right with him, but he felt that the songs didn’t always fit together in terms of the tempo. Therefore I had to rework it all once again. I however didn’t know the exact places he wasn’t satisfied with and if a new order of the songs would be approved. So I decided to change and rework it all, this time in chronological order. This way “Baby Do You Wanna Bump” would end up as the opener, not one of Boney M.’s biggest hits, but I really liked the idea of the chronological order much better and then it was approved. Otherwise, Frank gave an interview, which now can be seen in the commercial, but it was all from his side.

Can you tell us a little about why you have compiled the box-set the way it has been?

I had thought of several options. At first I thought of something like a “complete singles collection” with all the A and B-sides (AB-AB-AB etc.). That would be perfect for a three CD-set. Using that option we would however have to leave out some of the great album tracks, which simply are a must. We haven’t three but four CD’s, so what was going to be included on the fourth CD? Then I came back to my old idea with the 70’s and the 80’s, which I had previously used on “The Collection” and “The Party Album”. It would give each CD a headline, but I wouldn’t be force to use only single tracks, but also a couple of great album tracks. I also thought about which categories could be used for the third and fourth CD. It turned out to be ballads and maxi versions. Sony actually wanted a CD exclusively with Christmas songs, but I talked them out of it. I think it’s much better and much more interesting to do a CD with the ballads. Because there aren’t that many ballads, a few Christmas songs was used on the third CD. That way we also got around the problem with “Mary’s Boy Child”, as it wouldn’t have been that great among the non Christmas songs. On the other hand you couldn’t leave out such a mega hit on a box like this. Now we have a small section with half a dozen of Christmas songs and I hope people will like it that way. Originally the third CD was set to include “Never Change Lovers In The Middle Of The Night” instead of “Sad Movies”. But at last minute I had to change it, as the inclusion of “Never Change Lovers…” would give the CD a playing time over 80 minutes. And since “Never Change Lovers…” is rather long, but not as well known as “El Lute”, I decided with a bleeding heart to do it that way, even though it did hurt, since “Never Change Lovers…” is such a cool song and I would really have liked to see the inclusion of it on the ballads CD.

You have once again had the chance to work with the archivists at the archive in Gütersloh. Is “Hit Story” including any versions that haven’t been available on CD before?

Yes, we have here on CD – for the first time as far as I know – single versions of “Baby Do You Wanna Bump,” “Plantation Boy”, “El Lute”, “Gotta Go Home”, “African Moon”, “Sample City” and “Somewhere In The World”. And not to forget an alternative album version of “Jimmy” from 1981, which we have taken from an alternative “Boonoonoonoos” tape. This is the tape on which we also found the alternate version of “African Moon” for “The Party Album”.

Did you get the chance to search through Frank Farian’s archive?

No, unfortunately not. But I haven’t yet given up the hope that I will be allowed to do it one day in the future, when we work on a new CD-box. I’m very curious what he has hidden in his archives and pretty sure that I will find a couple of very interesting tapes, that Frank has forgotten all about. But the question is, whether we would be allowed to use these tapes. I’m a fan and collector myself and would really like to have all the early versions and completely previously unreleased material on CD. But I will also respect Frank’s opinion, if he says: I will not release the material, that wasn’t good enough to be released back then. That’s the same case with Benny and Björn of ABBA.

 “Ribbons Of Blue” is included on the new box-set. On earlier CD compilations “Ribbons Of Blue” has been mastered from vinyl, was the original master tape found this time?

No, the original single tape HANSA 100.444 unfortunately remains lost. But when I worked with the box, I remembered that most of the Boney M. songs also appeared on LP Samplers from HANSA or ARIOLA – and all of these samplers exist in the archive on longplay-tapes, where all the songs are to be found one after another, separated by yellow tape. And these tapes were always direct copies of the original singles or LP master tapes. Of course, there was by copying a tiny loss of quality because it was the analog era. But the loss was more theoretical than practical, because we are talking about professional tape material with high speed and about copying that was made in the studio. This means, that a person can’t hear the difference between the original and a copy. That is not to be compared with cassette tapes, which we had at home. If you copied something from one cassette tape to another, the copy would have more noise than the original. But with a professional tape, it is quite different. And believe it or not, we found two sampler tapes from 1979, where “Ribbons Of Blue” was included in full version: 4:07 minutes! One belongs to the HANSA-LP “Super Disco Party Vol. 3” and the second to the ARIOLA LP “Der Neue Hitladen”. We have actually digitized both tapes to be able to compare the quality – but it was exactly the same. So for the first time, we now have the original version of “Ribbons Of Blue” on CD mastered from a tape. As said, it’s from a tape copy, but it’s ten times better than the mastering from vinyl, right? I’m just a bit annoyed with myself, that I didn’t get the idea with sampler tapes earlier on, when we made “The Collection”.

“We Kill The World” has been included as the LP-version. Is there any reason for not using the single-version, since the greatest part of the chart hits included on the first two CD’s, mainly are single-versions?

Naturally, I have in each case tried to use the single version. But it was unfortunately not possible with “We Kill The World”. The archive was searched once again for the tape, as so often before, but it is no longer present. It seems simply to have disappeared, like “Ribbons Of Blue”. And there is no LP sampler with the single version. Therefore we used the album version. But because it is longer than the single version, the playing time of the CD would have been too long, more than 80 minutes. So I decided to change the single versions of “Malaika” and “Bang Bang Lulu” with the shorter album versions. I imagined that it wouldn’t be too problematic; because the single versions are already included on other CD’s and on this box the maxi version of “Malaika” is included as well.

There are a lot of Boney M. fans out there who have many special wishes for new Boney M. releases because of all the various versions that often exist of each song. Many of these versions still haven’t been released on CD. Isn’t it a pressure to compile a new compilation, knowing that it simply would be impossible to satisfy everyone out there, waiting for all these early versions?

No, I do not feel under pressure, on the contrary – this work is an exciting pleasure. I have great respect for all fans and collectors and read regularly on several Boney M.-pages on the Internet. I’m as mentioned before, one of you. But if you work for record companies and make this kind of box-sets, you must learn not only to be thinking as a fan, but also professionally and economically. This means that you can’t realize everything at once as a fan would like it. A real fan like you, has for example hundreds of editions of all LPs, singles and CDs, and with each new CD expects special and rare things. But a record company like Sony has first and foremost to think about the mass market and has to offer the big hits over and over again for the normal buyers. I think the best way is always to try to aim at both groups of buyers, so both hits and rarities will be used. Of course one or the other fan will look at it critically. But I can assure you, that I will always give my best to try to make “my” products exciting in one or another way. And if I somehow should fail, no one is forced to buy that.


“Hit Story” Layout  (20th September 2010)

Boney M_Hit_Story_2010

Boney M. Hit Story 2010 BackCover




Boney M. – “Hit Story” 4CD Box (1st September 2010)

A new Boney M. compilation called “Hit Story” will be released on 3rd September. The compilation can be bought through TV commercials and through where you’ll get a free Boney M. CD when ordering (click on image and a new window will open):

 The compilation has been compiled by Frank Eberlein and has the following tracking-list:

1. Baby Do You Wanna Bump – (Single Version – Part I) 03:42/2. Daddy Cool 03:26/3. Sunny 04:01/4. Ma Baker 04:33/5. Belfast 03:29/6. Plantation Boy – (Single Version) 04:06/7. Love For Sale 04:41/8. Rivers Of Babylon 04:18/9. Brown Girl In The Ring 04:00/10. Rasputin 04:42/11. Painter Man 03:10/12. Dancing In The Streets 03:58/13. Hooray! Hooray! It’ s A Holi-Holiday 03:55/14. Ribbons Of Blue 04:07/15. Gotta Go Home – (Single Version) 03:59/16. Bahama Mama – (Single Version) 03:35/17. Let It All Be Music 05:10/18. Bye Bye Bluebird 04:47

 1. I See A Boat On The River – (7″ Version) 04:40/2. My Friend Jack 04:40/3. Children Of Paradise 04:28/4. Gadda-Da-Vida – (Full Length) 05:05/5. Felicidad (Margherita) – (7″ Version) 04:35/6. Malaika 03:27/7. We Kill The World (Don’t Kill The World) 06:28/8. Ride To Agadir 05:09/9. Going Back West 04:15/10. Jambo – Hakuna Matata (No Problems) – (Edit) 03:39)/11. African Moon 03:41/12. Kalimba De Luna – (7″ Version) 04:32/13. Happy Song 04:18/14. My Chérie Amour 04:04/15. Sample City – (Single Version) 04:00/16. Young, Free And Single 04:18/17. Bang Bang Lulu 03:01/18. Dreadlock Holiday 04:52

 1. Still I’m Sad 04:38/2. Heart Of Gold 04:00/3. El Lute – (Single Version) 05:10/4.  I’m Born Again – (Single Version) 04:17/5. Consuela Biaz 04:37/6. Jimmy – (Alternate Album Version) 04:25/7. Sad Movies 03:22/8. Goodbye My Friend 05:25/9. The Carnival Is Over (Goodbye True Lover) – (Original Single Version) 04:53/10. Somewhere In The World 04:34/11. 10.000 Lightyears 04:32/12. Where Did You Go 04:09/13. Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord 05:43/14. Feliz Navidad 03:07/15. Little Drummer Boy 04:21/16. When A Child Is Born 03:19/17. Zion’s Daughter 03:50/18. White Christmas 04:19

1. Help! Help! – (Long Version) 06:06/2.  Gotta Go Home 05:06/3. I See A Boat On The River 06:06/4. My Friend Jack 08:26/5. Gadda-Da-Vida – (Maxi Version) 08:56/6. Malaika – (12″ Version) 05:39/7. African Moon – (Long Version) 06:42/8. Kalimba De Luna 07:07/9. Happy Song 08:10/10. My Chérie Amour 08:56/11. Young, Free And Single – (12″ Version) 08:08


  Boney M. – “The Magic Of Boney M.” DVD (1st September 2010)


“The Magic Of Boney M.” will be re-released on DVD on 3rd September 2010 with a new cover.


Boney M. – “Feliz Navidad” CD  (1st September 2010)

A new Christmas compilation called “Feliz Navidad” is set for release on 12th November 2010. here hasn’t been listed a tracking-list yet.


Boney M. – “This Is (The Magic Of Boney M.)”  (6th August 2010)


Digipack release 27th August 2010. Sony 88697765882.


Boney M. – “This Is (The Magic Of Boney M.)”  (24th July 2010)

According to JPC a reissue of the 2006 compilation “The Magic Of Boney M.” will be released on August 27th called “This Is (The Magic Of Boney M.)”. “No Women No Cry” is listed to be the album version.


Boney M. – The Documentary  (13th December 2009)

The documentary produced by Nestfilm in Germany is according to their production team still in the works. At present moment they are in the postproduction and hope that the documentary will be finished in spring 2010. The company also made it clear that the documentary is more a fan project, than a commercial issue.


Timings  “Gold – Greatest Hits”  (2nd October 2009)

Disc 1: 01. Brown Girl In The Ring (4:04) 02. Daddy Cool (3:29) 03. Rasputin (5:53) 04. Gotta Go Home (3:47) 05. Oceans Of Fantasy (5:08) 06. Breakaway (4:19) 07. Bahama Mama (3:18) 08. Nightflight To Venus (4:48) 09. Young, Free And Single (4:13) 10. We Kill The World (Don’t Kill The World) (6:34) 11. Felicidad (Margherita) (4:34) 12. Boney M. Mega Mix (3:52)

Disc 2: 01. Ma Baker (4:38) 02. Painter Man (3:12) 03. My Friend Jack (4:42) 04. Children Of Paradise (4:30) 05. I See A Boat On A River (4:42) 06. I’m Born Again (4:10) 07. Heart Of Gold (4:06) 08. No Woman No Cry (5:00) 09. Baby Do You Wanna Bump (6:54) 10.  Got A Man On My Mind (3:25) 11. Consuela Biaz (4:38) 12. Never Change Lovers In The Middle Of The Night (5:34)

Disc 3: 01. Belfast (3:33) 02. El Lute (5:57) 03. The Carnival Is Over (Goodbye True Lover) (4:20) 04. When A Child is Born (3:21) 05. Have You Ever Seen The Rain (2:40) 06. Motherless Child (4:57) 07. Bye Bye Bluebird (4:50) 08. Ride To Agadir (5:12) 09. Ribbons Of Blue (1:59) 10. Happy Song (6:42) 11. African Moon (3:01) 12. Daddy Cool (Remix 2001) (5:20)


Various Release Dates  “Gold – Greatest Hits”  (30th September 2009)

On the release date for “Gold – Greatest Hits” is 9th October 2009, while the release in Poland is set to 28th September on several web-sites.


Tracking-list   “Gold – Greatest Hits”  (30th September 2009)

According to several polish sites the tracking-list for “Gold – Greatest Hits” will be as listed below. There’s however not a final confirmation. Thanks to Andrzej Wojtowicz for the information.

Disc 1:

  1. Brown Girl In The Ring 02. Daddy Cool 03. Rasputin 04. Gotta Go Home 05. Oceans Of Fantasy 06. Breakaway 07. Bahama Mama 08. Nightflight To Venus 09. Young, Free And Single 10. We Kill The World (Don’t Kill The World) 11. Felicidad (Margherita) 12. Boney M. Mega Mix

Disc 2:

  1. Ma Baker 02. Painter Man 03. My Friend Jack 04. Children Of Paradise 05. I See A Boat On A River 06. I’m Born Again 07. Heart Of Gold 08. No Woman No Cry 09. Baby Do You Wanna Bump 10.  Got A Man On My Mind 11. Consuela Biaz 12. Never Change Lovers In The Middle Of The Night

Disc 3:

  1. Belfast 02. El Lute 03. The Carnival Is Over (Goodbye True Lover) 04. When A Child is Born 05. Have You Ever Seen The Rain 06. Motherless Child 07. Bye Bye Bluebird 08. Ride To Agadir 09. Ribbons Of Blue 10. Happy Song 11. African Moon 12. Daddy Cool (Remix 2001) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“America – The Party Album (Das Party Album)”  (26th September 2009)

Is now available for pre-order in Germany (JPC), where it will be released on 6th November.


Cover layout  “Gold – Greatest Hits”  (21st September 2009)

Below you will be able to see the cover layout for the forthcoming 3 CD set “Gold – Greatest Hits” released on 30th October 2009. Thanks to Frank Eberlein for providing the cover.



“Gold – Greatest Hits”  (19th September 2009)

According to JPC a compilation called “Gold – Greatest Hits” will be released on 30th October 2009 in Germany. By Amazon the release is listed as a 3CD set.


“America – The Party Album”  (11th September 2009)

A new Boney M. compilation has hit the shops. It’s called “America – The Party Album” (Sony Music 88697 54104 2).

The recent compilations we have had from Sony Music have shown a great interest in the releases. However “America – The Party Album” does not really show a sign of interest, which is easy to see from the songs/versions included. The most annoying thing is the inclusion of the two recordings from 1993 (“Lady Godiva” and “Da La De La”) and the new “Felicidad America”. “America – The Party Album” contains the following:

01:  Kalimba De Luna   7:18 02:  Happy Song  3:59 03:  Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi- Holiday  3:55 04:  Dreadlock Holiday   4:52 05:  Bel Ami  3:11 06:  Bahama Mama   3:16 07:  Lady Godiva  3:31 08:  Young, Free & Single  4:10 09:  Dancing In The Streets   3:58 10: Gloria, Can You Waddle  3:56 11:  Gotta Go Home   3:45 12:  Da La De La   4:01 13:  Painter Man  3:10 14:  Sunny   4:01 15:  Brown Girl In The Ring  4:01 16:  Felicidad America (Obama Obama)  4:03



Cover layout “Long Versions & Rarities Vol. 3”  (19th August 2009)




Tracking-list “Long Versions & Rarities Vol. 3”  (5th August 2009)

1. Exodus (Noah’s Ark 2001) – Maxi Version 5:47 / 2. Wild Planet – Maxi Version 3:42 / 3.  Somewhere In The World – Long Version 5:08 / 4. Future World – Long Promo Version 4:08 / 5. 10.000 Lightyears – Promo Version 4:20 / 6. Kalimba De Luna – US Club Mix 9:39 / 7. Young, Free And Single – 12″ Version 8:08 / 8. Daddy Cool – Anniversary Recording ’86 (Special Club Mix) 9:09 / 9. Mother & Child Reunion – Long Version 7:31 / 10. I’m Alive – Long Version 5:13 / 11. Dreadlock Holiday – Rap-Sody / Top Deck Long Version 10:59


“Long Versions & Rarities Vol. 3”  (23rd July 2009)

According to “Long Versions & Rarities Vol. 3” will be released on 28th August 2009.


“Hooray! Hooray! It’s Boney M.”  (13th May 2009)

Reader’s Digest has re-released their 1997 3-CD box “Hooray! Hooray! It’s Boney M.” in a 2009 edition with a new cover and a new booklet as well.



Frank Eberlein Interview: “Let It All Be Music – The Party Album”  (23rd April 2009)

Frank, can you tell us who came up with the idea and the title for the new Boney M. compilation “Let It All Be Music – The Party Album”?

In mid-March Sony Music in Munich asked me to work on a new Boney M. CD. It would be a double CD, similar with the concept of “The Collection”, which by now has turned out to be a mega seller. This box was incidentally also released by BMG Japan in unchanged form, but with an expanded booklet with all the song lyrics and extensive liner-notes. I was supposed to compile a tracking list for the double CD with the subtitle “Party Album”. Sony asked me, if I also had an idea for its main title. Right away I had the idea to call it “Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi-Holiday “, but noticed that there already existed a Best of-collection with the same title. And I never thought of it as a good idea, when two different compilations by the same act, have the same main title. So I thought a little about which of the Boney M. titles that never had made it as a CD-title before, could be suitable for such a thing. And then I thought that “Let It All Be Music” was perfect for this purpose. Sony accepted it at once. And naturally it was clear to me, to use “Let It All Be Music” as the opener. We have enough Best of-collections starting with “Daddy Cool”, “Rivers Of Babylon” or other big hits, right?

Were you given any special instructions to follow when compiling this new compilation?

Yes, I got them, but only three this time: Of course I was only supposed to choose the songs with a “party” feeling, that is the greatest disco tracks, because of the subtitle: “Party Album”. I asked how long the maximum playing time of each CD would allowed to be. And the product manager said, that I was allowed to pack them to the fullest. Well, it’s not that easy to fill two times 80 minutes with the right party songs of Boney M. I have therefore taken care of, not to draw too tight boundaries and also used songs such as “African Moon” and “Exodus”, especially because of the fact that there still are interesting alternative versions of these songs that many fans have been waiting for. And I think that “African Moon” can be considered a party song, if you imagine sitting in the evening on an island in the south by blue water and watching the red sky and listening to the reggae-rhythms – Oh, at least I would be there in a very special party atmosphere. But for example, “Consuela Biaz” – in fact one of my favourite ballads of Boney M. – is not really party-like. I didn‘t dare to use it as a part of this compilation, although I know that many fans wish for this song again and again. Not to mention “El lute” … The second point was to use the Obama song. They simply wanted to use this song on the CD. Well, I remembered that there were two versions of the maxi, one in English and one in Spanish and that both of them weren‘t used on the maxi-CD. So I told myself, if I am obliged to use this song, which many fans don’t accept as true Boney M. track, it must at least be a “previously unreleased” version. So you have a rarity, discreet of course, as a bonus track perfectly placed in the end. And I decided to take the English version. And the third paragraph was not to use the exclusive maxi versions, which yet must be included on “Long Versions & Rarities Vol 3” – such as “Exodus” close to 6 minutes, the full U.S. Club Mix of “Kalimba De Luna” close to 10 minutes, or the Top Deck version of “Dreadlock Holiday” running 11 minutes – which is understandable, otherwise the planned third CD in this series would be superfluous. But apart from these three little paragraphs, I could do whatever I wanted.

After you had worked out the tracking list, did Farian then approve it at once or did you have to make any changes?

It went quite smoothly. I had completed the tracking-lists and we immediately got permission to do everything exactly the way as planned. But when everything was ready with Sony, I showed the tracking-lists to a Dane named Danni Lange – any of you who knows this guy? Well, he thought that the maxi version of “Rasputin” would not really fit as track number 4 on the first CD in between “Hooray! Hooray! “And “Daddy Cool” and he suggested to close the first CD with “Rasputin”. I liked this idea and asked Sony to change it in their internal system and they did. I do not wish to think of how dreadful the CD would have sounded without this change.

When looking at the tracking list, is there any story behind the inclusion of some of the songs and did you have some songs in mind for the compilation that somehow didn’t end up on it?

Oh, let me think about it … no, nothing special. The only thing I hoped for, was not to forget one of the great important songs. And then I was aware of, that I would search for as many alternative versions as possible in the archives, which still hadn‘t been made available on CD. Some songs I had originally planned to use, but after I had listened to them several times, it seemed to me that they did not really fit with the rest of the songs and the subtitle – here I was thinking about “Ride To Agadir”, “Dancing In The Streets”, ” I Feel Good” and “Todos Buenos”. I don’t hope that there are thousands of buyers who now don’t want this compilation, because these songs are missing.

You once again have had the privilege to search the archive in Gütersloh for material. Did you have any certain songs in mind when starting out looking for alternative versions?

First and foremost I must say that I don’t search through the archives of Gütersloh myself. It makes – because of my lists with the old Hansa catalogue numbers – Ulli, a wonderful man who has worked there for at least 100 years, I think. He is an archivist, just the way he is supposed to be. He knows everything, knows every tape quasi personally and is lovingly taking care of all of them. And he has the famous seventh sense which is very important in such a large archive. Ulli finds everything, and if he doesn’t find it, you can be sure that it‘s not in the archive. Of course, I have thought about all the alternative versions, for example, all the original “first pressing” versions which are 5, 12, 25, 39 .. seconds longer – and shorter – than the “normal” versions found on most albums of our time. But I still knew from working on “The Collection” that many of these versions no longer are to be found in the archive. And why would they be there now, when they weren‘t two years ago? I still had all my lists of search results from back then including the many red remarks by Ulli: “non-existent”. On my new search lists I had written the same Hansa catalogue numbers with the same alternative timings, because I this time hoped, that Ulli might find something unexpected and exciting – but unfortunately in vain. He has truly been searching between all the shelves and looked through everything twice, but I got the exact same search results as two years ago. Some tapes have even gone back to Frank Farian‘s personal archives a few years ago – and we had no opportunity to search in his archives. But most tapes with the first versions are no longer archived – either in Gütersloh or Rosbach. I suspect that Farian back then may have reworked the original master tapes into alternate versions – or the tapes with the original versions were destroyed because the second or third versions became the official versions. If Frank Farian has reworked his songs, he must not have been happy with them – and then I can‘t imagine that he has saved the material which he no longer could accept.

Did Ulli manage to find at least some of the alternative versions you were looking for?

Yes, luckily he did. He has found the original single versions of “Happy Song”, “Young, Free And Single,” “Bang Bang Lulu” and “Exodus” as well as the “second pressing” of the single version of “Gotta Go Home”, but unfortunately not the original 4 :47-single version of “Ma Baker”, which I had planned to use. In the tape box with the HANSA number 17 888, only the well-known 4:34 version was found. For a safety’s sake, the mastering studio digitized “Ma Baker” from this master-tape, in case of this mix would be slightly different than the album version. I have not noticed any difference, but maybe one of you guys will. Not to be found were also the original single versions of “Felicidad”, “Going Back West”, “Malaika,” “I See A Boat On The River” and “My Friend Jack” and alternate versions of “Bye Bye Bluebird”. What can you do then? In this case we would simply use the other versions, which already are available on the album remasters, or on “The Collection” box, although it might not will please many fans. I‘m sorry, but I can‘t change it.

The compilation is set to include an instrumental version of “Kalimba De Luna”. Was that planned from the beginning or was it a version you came across when searching for other versions?

When working on “The Collection” I was told by MM-Sound , the mastering studio, that the tape with “Kalimba De Luna” contained seven versions, one of the versions being an instrumental version. Back then we used the normal Extended Version. And this time I thought that it would be quite interesting for all the fans to get – in addition to the single version – the instrumental version as a bonus track and rarity. We also got permission to use it. I thought that it would be a sort of a karaoke version, just like the original, but without the vocals. But then I got the version and could hear that it only was a “basic playback” which also was written on the tape box. It lacked all the known synthesizer effects and horns, it was a dull and unfinished mix, which you couldn‘t use for a CD release. Instead we have as an alternative used the dub version, which still hasn‘t been available on CD and almost is an instrumental version.

While searching for material in Gütersloh, did Ulli find more alternative versions of one certain song, so you had two or more alternative versions to choose between?

Yes, that happened with “African Moon”. I had told Ulli that he should search for the single remix as well as the long album version from the HANSA record 301 850. I thought, perhaps he would find at least one of them. And was I surprised when he phoned and said he had found the two original masters. Concerning the master tape of “Boonoonoonoos” it was fortunately not a vinyl copy, as some might assume, as a fan has sent his album to Sony a few months ago. No, it was the original master tape. Now we have two versions available. So, I spoke with a few friends who also are Boney M. fans, and we agreed to use the long album version, because it‘s rare, even on vinyl and more than the single remix. In any case I will of course use the remix version the next time, if I once again would be honoured to create a Boney M.-CD. It was also exciting with “Let It All Be Music”. I would have liked the first CD to begin with the medley “Let It All Be Music/Gotta Go Home” from the first edition of “Oceans Of Fantasy”. But unfortunately, the only version in the archive was the version which we know from the album remaster. So we decided to use “Gotta Go Home” as single version. Then Ulli found the 5:09 version of “Let It All Be Music” among his treasuries and it was decided to use this version. Ulli also found the maxi version of “Exodus” – but we have to wait for that a while. It is, as far as I know, to be included on the third part of “Long Versions & Rarities” later this year. But then one day towards the end of project I was told, that Ulli had found several HANSA-tapes, which came from the Hansa studio in Berlin to Gütersloh a few years ago. They were never officially labeled with a catalogue number, but only with an internal three file number from Berlin. These are known as S-copies (S stands for safety), which have been saved over the years in the studio as an extra safety. These tapes are of course the original master tapes, but were never used for the record production. As I said, they were exclusively for the company’s archive in Berlin. The tape was only marked “LP Oceans Of Fantasy”. It turned out to include the 5:09 version of “Let It All Be Music” and the 4:36 version of “Gotta Go Home” which have been used for the new compilation. The whole thing becomes even more difficult because of the fact that on many tape-boxes are written the wrong playing times. And also there isn’t any notice about the version names at all. That means, that Ulli had to send all the tapes he could find to the mastering-studio. And there they had to check which versions in which length that could be found on the tapes by playing them. Maybe you can imagine what a long time it takes until we are able to locate a certain version. And it’s fairly frustrating when you have checked many, many tapes this way, and finally didn’t find any scarce alternate version.

Will all the material on the new compilation be mastered from original master tapes?

All the tracks – except “Ribbons Of Blue”. It was already planned to use the original single version on “The Collection”, but the master tape was not to be found in the archive. Therefore we took the remix from “More Gold” – CD, which at least had the same length. And for “Long Versions & Rarities Vol 1” the master tape was searched once more, but even in Frank Farian‘s archive it couldn‘t be located. So a vinyl copy was used for the mastering. We are now using this track from “Long Versions & Rarities”. Moreover, it is a great stroke of luck that Sony always uses MM-Sound near Gütersloh, in the case of Boney M. No one in the world can master a vinyl record and a master tape as those two guys in the small studio. They work with Cedar technique and their equipment to master from vinyl is just as expensive as all the equipment in the other mastering studios. It‘s not a coincidence that MM-Sound for the past 25 year has had loyal customers such as Michael Cretu, Udo Jürgens, Frank Farian and Dieter Bohlen. Last I spoke with Cretu in Berlin regarding MM-Sound, I said it had to be one of the best digital mastering studios in the world. Then Cretu replied: “MM-Sound is THE best mastering studio in the world”. Who would know better than Michael? MM-Sound is also the only studio outside the archive in Gütersloh who have permission to get the original tapes from Sony and BMG. If a different studio works for them, they make copies of the original master tapes on CD‘s directly in the archive and then send the CDs to the other mastering studios. By the way, it has never even happened, that one of the analogue magnetic tapes, produced by Frank Farian, wasn‘t playable, as it often happens with old analogue studio tapes. Farian has always used the best and most expensive tapes. And today it appears to be a great luck.


New Cover  for “Let It All Be Music – The Party Album”  (21th April 2009)

Sony decided to design a new cover for the compilation “Let It All Be Music – The Party Album”. You can see the new cover below.




Final Tracking-list for “Let It All Be Music – The Party Album”  (21th April 2009)

BONEY M. LET IT ALL BE MUSIC – THE PARTY ALBUM (Sony Music 88697521512).

CD 1

  1. Let It All Be Music (Alternate Album Version)   5:09* 02:  Gotta Go Home (Alternate Album Version)   4:36* 03:  Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi-Holiday 3:55 04:  Daddy Cool   3:26 05:  Belfast   3:30 06:  A Woman Can Change A Man   3:30 07:  Rivers Of Babylon (7″ Version)   4:19 08:  Bahama Mama (12″ Version)   5:14 09:  Brown Girl In The Ring   4:00 10:  Ma Baker   4:34 11:  King Of The Road   2:36 12:  Painter Man   3:10 13:  Ribbons Of Blue (7″ Version)   4:07 14:  Sunny   4:01 15:  Plantation Boy   4:24 16:  Bye Bye Bluebird   4:47 17:  Silent Lover   4:13 18:  Rasputin (12″ Version)   7:32

CD 2

01:  Felicidad (Margherita) (7″ Version)   4:33 02:  Happy Song (7″ Version)   4:18* 03:  Kalimba De Luna (7″ Version)   4:31 04:  Dreadlock Holiday   4:52 05:  Going Back West (7″ Version)   4:14 06:  Malaika (7″ Version)   5:01 07:  I See A Boat On The River (7″ Version)   4:40 08:  Got Cha Loco   3:35 09:  Barbarella Fortuneteller   2:55 10:  Bang Bang Lulu (7″ Version)   3:31* 11:  African Moon (Long Album Version)   4:13* 12:  Young, Free And Single (7″ Version)   4:18* 13:  My Friend Jack (7″ Version)   4:39 14:  Sample City   3:43 15:  The Alibama   3:11 16:  Exodus (Noah’s Ark 2001) (7″ Version)   4:37*

Bonus Tracks

17:  Kalimba De Luna (Dub Version)   6:28* 18:  Felicidad America (Obama – Obama) (Long English Version)   5:28**

* Version previously unreleased on CD

** Version previously unreleased

Special thanks to Frank Eberlein for providing the information.


“Let It All Be Music – The Party Album”  (16th April 2009)

We have now received the tracking-list for the forth coming double CD with Boney M. “Let It All Me Music – The Party Album”. The tracking-list has been provided by Frank Eberlein who at present moment is working hard together with the mastering studio, searching the master tapes for as many alternative versions as possible. Because of that fact it’s still too early to state timings and versions of the songs included except for a few. You’ll be able to see the tracking-list below. The songs which have been stated with a certain version are definite.

CD 1: THE SEVENTIES 01. Let It All Be Music 02. Gotta Go Home 03. Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi-Holiday 04. Daddy Cool 05. Belfast 06. A Woman Can Change A Man 07. Rivers Of Babylon (7″ Version) 08. Bahama Mama (Long Version) 09. Brown Girl In The Ring 10. Ma Baker 11. King Of The Road 12. Painter Man 13. Ribbons Of Blue (7″ Version) 14. Sunny 15. Plantation Boy 16. Bye Bye Bluebird 17. Silent Lover 18. Rasputin (12″ Version)

CD 2: THE EIGHTIES 01. Felicidad (Margherita) 02. Happy Song (7″ Version) 03. Kalimba De Luna (7″ Version) 04. Dreadlock Holiday 05. Going Back West 06. Malaika (7″ Version) 07. I See A Boat On The River 08. Got Cha Loco 09. Barbarella Fortuneteller 10. Bang Bang Lulu (7″ Version) 11. African Moon (Long Album Version) 12. Young, Free And Single (7″ Version) 13. My Friend Jack 14. Sample City 15. The Alibama 16. Exodus (Noah’s Ark 2001) (7″ Version) Bonus Tracks 17. Kalimba De Luna (Instrumental) 18. Felicidad America (Obama – Obama) (Long English Version).


“Let It All Be Music – The Party Album”  (4th April 2009)

The release date of “Let It All Be Music – The Party Album” has been postponed to 8th May 2009.


Let It All Be Music – The Party Album”  (24th March 2009)

Frank Eberlein who last year compiled the box-set “The Collection” and the CD “Rivers Of Babylon” is at present moment working on the forthcoming Boney M. release “Let It All Be Music – The Party Album” –  scheduled for release on 24th April 2009.At the same time Sony is working hard on finding alternative versions of some of the songs planned to be included on the compilation, but it’s still too early to say if they’ll succeed.

Special thanks to Frank Eberlein for providing the information and cover layout.

News 2009


New CD: “Let It All Be Music”  (22nd March 2009)

According to a new Boney M. CD called “Let It All Be Music” will be released on 24th April 2009. The price has been set to EUR 8,99.


“Greatest Hits (Steel Box Collection)”  (7th February 2009)

“Greatest Hits (Steel Box Collection)” is set for release on 13th March 2009 and can be pre-ordered at The price is EUR 6,99. The collection is a re-release of the 2008 CD “Rivers Of Babylon (A Best Of Collection)”.



“Long Versions & Rarities Vol. 2: 1980 – 1983”  (20th January 2009)

“Long Versions & Rarities Vol. 2: 1980 – 1983” is set for release on 27th Febuary 2009. The CD can be pre-ordered at at the price of EUR 8,99.


1. Felicidad (12″ Version 11:47), 2. “Malaika” (12″ Version 5:39), 3. “Consuela Biaz” (Single version 5:19), 4. “Boonoonoonoos” (Long version 12:13), 5. “Homeland Africa (Ship Ahoi)” (Long version 5:06), 6. “6 Years of BoneyM. Hits” (12″ Version 11:14), 7. “Going Back West” (12″ Version 5:02), 8. “Silly Confusion” (12″ Version 4:00), 9. “Jambo” (12″ Version 7:48), 10. “African Moon” (12″ Version 6:42), 11. “(I Need A) Babysitter” (Original version 3:33).



 Thanks to Casper Janssen for providing the art work.


The Danish Album Chart – Week no. 1 & 2 (10th January 2009)

In week no 1 it was down 3 places from 28 to 31 for “The Magic Of Boney M. – The Danish Collection”. Week no. 2 saw a rise from no 31 to no 25.


Cancelled – Two “Daddy Cool” Shows  (10th January 2009)

According to Musikhuset in Esbjerg the complete “Daddy Cool” tour in Denmark has now been cancelled.


Cancelled – Two “Daddy Cool” Shows  (8th January 2009)

Two “Daddy Cool” shows have been cancelled in Denmark. The shows in Esbjerg (according to MHE’s web-site) and Herning (according to have been cancelled until now. If more shows will be cancelled is not known at present time.


Interview with Frank Eberlein (16th February 2008)

We have succeeded in getting an interview with Frank Eberlein, the compiler of the two new Boney M. compilations “The Collection” and “Rivers Of Babylon”. We hope that you’ll enjoy the interview.

Frank, can you tell us how you got involved in the work with the two new Boney M. releases?

In December 2007 I was asked by SONY/BMG if I could arrange tracking lists for two new Boney M. releases. I was then given a couple of ground rules to follow and started at once to work on the lists. A few days later I got the chance to rework the lists once again, because we were given the approval of including more top hits than originally confirmed. The new tracking lists were sent to Frank Farian for approval and we were excited to see if all tracks would be approved – especially the long versions. Frank Farian approved both lists.

What kind of work followed after the appoval?

When we received the approval, the person from the archive could start searching for the tapes. It was a phase with a lot of e-mails going forth and back, because it wasn’t always possible to find the tapes during the first search. Then we found the original HANSA catalogue numbers, which made the searching much easier. And finally in January 2008 the mastering studio started to digitalize the tapes. Then a lot of e-mails and calls went forth and back again regarding which version from the various tapes, that should be used. It’s very exciting and you find a pleasure in it when thinking of that many fans have been waiting for these versions for years and will be happy for the result of this work.

When working on the compiling of “The Collection” and “Rivers Of Babylon” are you then in the archive at SONY/BMG or at Farian’s archive?

First of all I have to say that it’s almost impossible to figure out all those thousands of master-tapes in the archives. A part of them is to be found in Frank Farian’s archive, but the greatest part of the tapes is however to be found in the huge BMG archive in Gütersloh.

How was it, searching for a certain song/version in the archives?

When looking for a certain song, it happens that you find two or three different tapes with the song. Each tape then includes three or four different versions of the song. After all these years, no one knows (and no one has a chance to) how to tell one version from another. That was actually the case with “Rasputin”. One day the mastering studio called me and said, that there were at least six “Rasputin” versions: 3:30, 3:50, 4:05, 4:20, 4:40 etc. I knew, that the 4:40 version was the original single version and was therefore able to help. Otherwise they might had used a different version. On the other hand there are also songs or versions which we haven’t been able to find on the master-tapes. And that means that we have to deal with some compromises, as you can imagine. It wasn’t easy at all to compile these tracking lists. As you often can read on the internet, then many fans often believe it’s easy when you are well informed about everything and then you just pick this and this song, and of course always the six or seven minutes versions of the old promo records from U.S.A. and then you have a box-set.

Were there any issues you had to deal with, when compiling the compilations?

There are some issues, that I had to deal with. There are the contracts between the firm and Frank Farian as well as marketing aspects. It means that you for a price about 10 EUR just can’t get a full package of CD’s with all the big hits and previously unreleased material. Here I had to use some of the normal album versions, which already can be found on the new CD-remasters. Furthermore it has to be said that the included versions on the new CD’s were the longest versions that we could find in the archives. Most of the long versions, which often were found on the first editions of LP-releases are unfortunately not on tape anymore. Then there are the versions that Frank Farian will not release. And what can you do then?

Can you tell us if the included versions of “We Kill The World” and “Boonoonoonoos” are the original single versions?

”We Kill The World” is not the original single version. It was of course the plan to include it, but the archive couldn’t find the tape including the original version. We just couldn’t find another song instead (as I recommended at once), because the contract already was finished. Therefore we had to use the album version. It was a special case with ”Boonoonoonoos”. Here it was also planned to use the original single version, but that was not to be found in the archive as well. Instead the person in the archive found a 6:26 version. On the box with the tape it said: ”fading possible after 4:20”. Maybe they made the single version that way? I don’t know. I told them to use this tape, but of course without fading it. Who knows, we might have an exclusive version here? The fans would know it much better than I, when they listen to it. The included version of “Boonoonoonoos” consists of 2 minutes of “Boonoonoonoos”, then followed by “That’s Boonoonoonoos/Train To Skaville/I Shall Sing”.

Can you tell us about the inclusion of the long versions and some of the other tracks on the box-set?

I have actually tried to include as many long versions as possible on the box-set. On the third CD I was only allowed to use eight tracks. That means that eight of the ”real” 12 inch versions with exciting instrumental parts and typical maxi-effects are to be found. CD two includes ”long versions” of ”Children Of Paradise”, ”Going Back West”, ”Consuela Biaz”, ”Bang Bang Lulu”, ”Somewhere In The World” and ”The Carnival Is Over”, which basically aren’t maxi-versions, because you can create them yourself on basic of the short versions. It would have been a pity to include then on the third CD as ”The Best 12” versions. It was however funny, that the real 12” version of ”Consuela Biaz”, which has a running time of 4:57 and the one I had on the list, not was on the tape with ”Consuela Biaz”. Instead we discovered this 5:19 version. Well, I think that’s better than 4:57, right? ”Living Like A Moviestar” will for the first time be included on CD with the complete intro. On earlier CD releases a fraction of a second has been missing from the intro compared to the vinyl release and because of that reason, I have included the track on the box. Some may not even have noticed the error, but it shows how insignificant it actually was. The track has therefore been mastered from a different tape.

I Feel Good” has been included on the box, because it for me as an East German, was a secret wish. The song was composed by the East German composer Franz Bartzsch, who I appreciate very much, because he has written so many extremely beautiful hits for several famous DDR-singers. He also played in several bands. He escaped to West Germany in the beginning of the eighties and has since worked with many famous artists like Bolland & Bolland, Roland Kaiser and not to forget Boney M. The inclusion of “I Feel Good”, even though it’s not the most popular Boney M. song, is my little homage to Franz. “Brown Girl In The Ring” is my little homage to Michael Cretu, whom I am one of the biggest fans of. A couple of years ago I made an interview with Michael, where I asked him about his time in the studio with Boney M. He told me many exciting incidents from the co-operation with Frank Farian, Stefan Klinkhammer and all the other colleagues. One of the things he told me, was a story from the time when they produced “Rivers Of Babylon” and its B-side. Stefan Klinkhammer was at that time ill for a couple of days and then Frank Farian said to Michael, that he should arrange “Brown Girl In The Ring”, which he did. When the song was finished Frank Farian said, that it was even better than if Stefan Klinkhammer had arranged it. Originally I had planned to include ”Help Help” on CD no. 1 and Frank Farian had approved this. But it wasn’t to be found on tape in the archive any more. That’s the reason why we picked ”New York City” as an alternative. As you can see, then I have tried to make space for some rarities for fans like you, even though I had to make sure that the record company’s ground rules were followed. There will always be some sorts of compromises to deal with. And if the CD sells well for the company, then I’m sure that they will make further releases in the future.

Is there anything you would like to explain to the fans about “The Collection” and “Rivers Of Babylon”?

I would like to explain shortly, why a couple of tracks/versions are included on both CD’s (“The Collection” and “Rivers Of Babylon”), which has been criticised in some forums on the internet. You’ll have to know that these CD’s aren’t belonging together (as one could think, now that they are released so closely), but they are released on totally different markets and therefore aimed at various groups of customers. As said, then there will be a kind of compromise all the time, and you are trying to satisfy both groups of consumers. To make all satisfied it simply impossible, as always in life. But I have to say myself, that there is actually a very good relation between price and product if half the box is previously unreleased material.

Every fan will naturally find something on the tracking lists, which he could have made better. It’s the old story: Let 10 fans compile a tracking list and you will end up with 10 different lists. I can only say that I have tried to do my best and hope that many fans will appreciate to hold these CD’s in their hands.

Special thanks to Frank Eberlein for taking the time to do this interview