“Love For Sale – The success continues…”

Boney M 1977_SummerWith “Sunny” entering the German single chart at no. 1 the last week of January the road of success had been set for the rest of the year as well.

Preparing the follow-up album to their debut album “Take The Heat Off Me” had already begun in late 1976. The photo session for the new LP had also taken place in the last part of 1976 and a shot from the session had as early as in October 1976 been published in the German magazine “Neue Illustrierte Revuee”. The photo was at first intended as a photo for the yellow press and not for an album cover. That however changed.

With a new LP and a new single planned for release in May a live tour was put together because of the demanding public and for promotional use – of course.

The “Take The Heat Off Me” tour was a 6 days tour with one date in Germany and 5 dates in Denmark. On the 6th March Boney M. played their first live date including a live band and backing singers in Vechta (Germany). From the 22nd March to 26th March Boney M. visited Aarhus, Aabenraa, Copenhagen, Holstebro and Svendborg in Denmark. The “Take The Heat Off Me” tour could be described as a set of warm up dates to the forthcoming “Love For Sale” tour.

A break was then taken to complete the new LP. At the same time Boney M. rehearsed their brand new live show – “Love For Sale” – that would premiere on the 13th April in Siegen (Germany). The new live show would be an extremely colourful experience with special designed  costumes that literally would make people turn their heads. Boney M 1977_In_Car

In May  – during the first part of the “Love For Sale” tour – the new Boney M. album with the same title and the new single “Ma Baker” were released.

“Ma Baker” was backed with “Still I’m Sad” and would turn out to be the Summer hit of 1977 together with Baccara’s “Yes Sir, I Can Boogie”. In some countries such as e.g. U.S.A., Canada, Japan, France and Spain “Ma Baker” would be issued with “A Woman Can Change A Man” as flip-side.

A third no. 1 single was in sight for Boney M. in Germany. “Ma Baker” entered the no. 1 position on the 13th June and stayed there for two weeks when it was knocked of by Baccara’s Summer hit.

Boney M 1977_Oslo“Love For Sale” was the first Boney M. LP that went to no. 1 in the German album chart. The LP became an instant success in all of Europe and many other countries outside Europe. Like “Take The Heat Off Me” the new LP went to sell over 100.000 copies in Denmark. A very high figure at that time meaning that both LP’s achieved platinum in Denmark. In Germany “Love For Sale” entered the no. 1 position on 1st August. It stayed at no. 1 for 6 weeks and had a total of 16 weeks in the Top 10. In total “Love For Sale” stayed 62 weeks in the German album chart.

In some countries the cover of the “Love For Sale” LP was found a bit too erotic and the LP would be released with a completely different cover, so it wouldn’t offend the record buying public.

It’s true that the original cover for “Love For Sale” is quite erotic and maybe even vulgar to some, but the cover is actually however very stylish and did fit the title of the LP as well as helping shifting some extra units. The cover of the LP is today regarded as art. The same goes for the cover of the ’76 album “Take The Heat Off Me”.

In the second half of 1977 Boney M. would go on tour once again. This time the tour would take them to Spain, Italy, Scandinavia (with a concert in Copenhagen), Germany – where 17 cities were visited, Austria, England, Benelux and Switzerland.

A second single was released from “Love For Sale” on 19th September . The single was entitled “Belfast” and backed with another track from the LP called “Plantation Boy”. With this single release Boney M. achieved their fourth no. 1 single in Germany in a row.

“Belfast” was at the no. 1 spot for three weeks and actually a track that had been written especially for Marcia Barrett when she was touring with her solo-shows prior to Boney M.Boney M 1977

In the U.K. “Belfast” was Boney M.’s fourth Top 10 single and was said to be the single that proved that Boney M. was here to stay. That was caused by the fact that the single didn’t achieve much air-play in England due to its lyrics and the conflict in Ireland. The single went however to no. 8 in England and was the first Boney M. single in Ireland to enter no. 1.

“Love For Sale” was the 6th best selling LP in Denmark of 1977 (year end chart) while “Take The Heat Off Me” was the 10th best selling LP of the year. Not bad at all for a new group to have two LP’s in the Top 10 of the year end chart.

Boney M 1977_Belfast